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PRODUCTS: August 2014

Anyone looking into combi ovens knows that a smoking option is a nice benefit. AccuTemp’s Fusion combis have an interesting smoker option we saw at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago in May. Smok’N’Fusion is a smoker box that goes on the outside of the oven—specifically on the top. That means you can replenish wood chips without ever opening the oven door during the smoking process. This can be a big advantage when you’re doing long, slow smokes. You can smoke foods hot (from 158°F-266°F) or—because the smoker box is outside the oven cavity—“cold” at 86°F by putting a container of ice on the bottom oven rack. You actually can achieve a long cold smoke on cheeses, vegetables, seafood and fish.

You can load the smoker-box drawer with wet or dry wood chips, herbs, spices, citrus peels, hot peppers and more. The unit features a 220V thermostatically controlled heating element with a control dial (not just an on-off switch) that allows you to create a light or heavy smoke. The combi draws smoke into the oven through a stainless air-intake tube, and you can control the rate of draw by adjusting the oven’s fan speed; you want light smoke for cold smoking and heavy smoke for hot smoking. Smok’N’Fusion wires directly to the Fusion combi oven, so you don’t need a separate power supply, even if you’re using the smoker on a gas Fusion combi oven.


Wastequip’s new line of grease containers safely and simply store used food grease while preventing grease theft with Grease Vault lids. The lids have plates that interlock, leaving no edges to pry open, as well as a shielded lock and heavy-duty grate. Available in middle- or end-dump configurations with drop-in box or flat grates, the Grease Vault lid-and-grate system is standard on Wastequip grease containers and can be retrofitted on most existing grease containers. Lid assembly takes no more than 15 sec. and requires no welding or tools. The containers are available in 100-, 208-, 294- and 360-gal. capacities.


ChefLED’s new, energy-saving PAR16 shaped lamp has a swivel base and a 4.5W LED shatterproof lens with a life expectancy of 18,000 hr.—10 times the life of incandescent lamps used by most restaurants to illuminate plated food on food warmers. The U.S.-made ChefLED bulb is designed to withstand high-heat applications under thermal conditions and is rated safe for use above food and in splash zones. The screw-in Edison base makes it easy to install.


Update International’s self-draining, 8-qt. pasta cooker is constructed of high-quality stainless and features an induction-ready encapsulated bottom for versatility and heat distribution. The three-piece set includes a basket that lifts and mounts above the pot for effortless draining of excess liquid. Double-rivet handles, a vented lid and a mirror-polished finish complete the pot’s design.
Update International


New from Component Design Northwest, the Economy Timer/Clock (TM27) is the choice for foodservice professionals who want a basic model with high durability, accuracy and ease of use. The dual-function timer counts down or up to 100 min. by seconds, with stop and restart controls and last-count recall. The large digits and long alarm keep you informed, and the magnet-, stand and hang-mounting options provide versatile placement. Made of ABS plastic with a brushed aluminum face, the timer also functions as a clock.
Component Design Northwest


FWE’s MTU-12 is a versatile, humidified holding bulk food cabinet that can accommodate almost any combination of trays and pans. Load the unit with your trays and pans of cooked food, and it will keep your food hot and moist until serving time. The Moisture-Temp Heat System eliminates hot and cold spots by circulating hot, moist air throughout the cabinet’s interior. Separate controls for air moisture and temperature allow you to add and adjust humidity to preserve the food’s moisture content as well as maintain optimum temperature from 90˚F-190˚F. The cabinet features heavy-duty, all-stainless construction and is fully insulated.


Gentle curves and soft contours define the new Anna line of lead-free, fine-quality dinnerware by RAK Porcelain, distributed by HLC Inc. The collection features 44 items, including dinner plates, a petite oval serving dish, salad and soup bowls, coffee cups and saucers as well as sugar dish and creamer with matching lids. Perfect for a variety of menu concepts, the dinnerware is sophisticated enough for fine-dining establishments, yet also offers an appealing look for cafes and farm-to-table restaurants. The line is durable for day-to-day handling and has a high-alumina body and highly resistant glaze. The dinnerware is oven-, microwave- and dishwasher-safe, shock resistant and abrasion proof.
RAK Porcelain distributed by HLC Inc.


Geneva’s mobile dessert carts showcase sweets, cakes, cookies, snacks, pies and even cheeses to give patrons a refined, luxurious experience. Taller multi-shelved carts present items in a tiered fashion in full view of a dining area. Other carts have distinct clear domes to present a variety of confections with class while providing easy access for serving. Some models accommodate cooling eutectic systems to keep desserts chilled. Carts are available in several elegant styles and a variety of light- and dark-wood veneers to match any decor.
Geneva Designs LLC


This easy-to-handle mill is fully adjustable and delivers a consistent, high-output grind. Spice-specific grinding mechanisms inside optimize the flavor of coarse salt or peppercorns. Unit carries a 5-yr. warranty on the mill housing and a lifetime warranty on the grind mechanism. Choose from chocolate-color or natural-wood finishes.

The Miraclean Griddle has a trivalent-chromate (durable, corrosion-resistant) surface that’s applied to a ¾-in., high-carbon steel plate in an 8-step process resulting in a mirror-like finish. Benefits include greater heat retention; foods cook faster at lower temperatures, and the kitchen stays cooler. The mirror-finish means the griddle is 44% faster to clean up than conventional steel plate, according to the company. The 36½-in.W model has 2 high-input burners rated at 30,000 Btu/hr. for natural gas. Atmospheric type “H” shaped cast iron burners are set for every 12-in. of linear plate surface. Hydraulic-type thermostats accurate to +/-5°F from 250°F-550°F are patented. Dimensions: 36½-in. wide x 30 5/8-in.D deep, plate size is 33-in.W x 18-in.D. Stainless grease drawer, 4½-in.H stainless splashback tapers to ½-in.H. Options include Top-Side cooking heads, streaker sections, stainless stand and cutting boards.
Keating of Chicago


The new Beverage Station from Server Products combines the EZCream dispenser with an array of sweetener dispensers to quickly dispense dairy and sweeteners for drive-through window service and self-serve coffee stations. Sweetener dispensers neatly display and serve sweeteners from 24-oz. or low-profile 14-oz. dispensers. Color-coded portion triggers make brand identification easy; they are preset to portion-pack equivalents. The EZ-Cream chilled dispenser uses energy-efficient, thermoelectric cooling to keep dairy below 41°F throughout the holding and serving process without ice or ice packs.
Server Products


Fast, reliable and extremely versatile, the ITQ with Spot-On Technology holds up to 18 product settings. You can toast multiple products from bagels to Texas toast to hash browns. Unit features individually controlled top and bottom heating elements, a multi-speed, two-directional conveyor belt and programmable touchpad. The conveyor’s patented ColorGuard Sensing System monitors and adjusts conveyor speed and temperature during high-usage periods to ensure toast color uniformity on a consistent basis. Power Save mode activates automatically after a certain period of low use.
Hatco Corp.


Berner’s K-Zone (KZN) Series are now available in 9 widths ranging from 3-10 ft., which eliminates the inconvenience and mismatching that results when you try to use several smaller sizes to create one wider air curtain. Each new model uses the same compact and attractive cabinet design. The air curtains provide a continuous, uninterrupted airstream that’s an environmental seal to keep insects out and cold storage temperatures in, even when installed 8 ft. up from the floor. Units, which can be powder-coated in many colors, are suitable for walk-in coolers, pass-through windows, concession windows, patio openings, service/customer entry doors and other doorways that need environmental control.
Berner Int’l.


The new tabletop Robot Coupe CL51 Vegetable Prep Processor is designed to process from 20-300 meals per service. Practical output for the CL51 is 10 lb. of produce per hr. The CL51 has 2 hoppers that provide consistent processing of all fruits/vegetables, including fragile and delicate produce. A new design on the pusher handle makes it easy to process large quantities of vegetables quickly and easily. The CL51 provides processing versatility with the 52 stainless discs available to slice, ripple cut, grate, julienne, dice and French fry in various sizes.
Robot Coupe USA

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