PRODUCTS: December 2014

The patents are filed, and production is just starting to ramp up on the very simple, very effective new FryerGate fryer accessory. The all-stainless units, which include side-by-side, spring-loaded gates over the fryer vat, just drop in place covering the entire open surface of the fryer and create an instant barrier between your employees and the hot cooking oil. “Think about how often employees miss the fry basket hook on the back of the fryer and drop the basket into the hot oil,” says Jeff Rhodenbaugh, marketing director for FryerGate, Los Angeles, Calif. “Hot oil splashes everywhere.” And if a crew member drops something into the fryer, his or her first reaction is to reach in after it. “It happens.” With the FryerGate in place, there’s a barrier to keep items from falling in and to keep hands out. FryerGate operation: When the basket of food is ready to drop, the crew member presses the end of the basket into the release bar at the back of the FryerGate. The pressed bar releases the spring-loaded gate directly below the basket and allows the crew member to lower the basket for cooking. When the food is finished, the crew member lifts the basket and the gate doors close and lock under it. It’s so efficient that it doesn’t slow down the process even by a second. The best part? The whole unit lifts off and can be run through the dishmachine at the end of each shift. Right now, units are designed for one make of fryer, but the FryerGate can be made to fit any brand. You can see it in action at

Tight on space? You can integrate an attractive, beautifully lit, refrigerated grab-and-go case right into your counter. Units are available in 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-ft. lengths and feature LED lighting and Type II refrigeration to keep their cool in warmer ambient operating environments. The cases accommodate a variety of finishes and laminates to match your decor. Two heights are offered: 33¾-in. standard counter height and 32¾-in. undercounter height; depth is 32 3/8 in. Features include slide-out refrigeration componentry for easy maintenance and the company’s Clean Sweep self-cleaning condenser coil feature is optional. These built-in cold cases are a great alternative to countertop ice pans.
Structural Concepts

Homer Laughlin China unveils its new Dolce pattern on the company’s Alexa line of china. The new pattern features bold brushstrokes and solid interiors in 3 bright colors: scarlet, turquoise and peacock. The dinnerware line includes triangle and square plates, several sizes of cups and saucers and the recently introduced coronet salad, soup and pasta bowls. Dolce’s bright colors apply to the abrasion-resistant, mirror-like glaze on all 21 shapes for durable wear.
Homer Laughlin China

Champion introduces its newest all-digital undercounter high-temperature dishmachine, the UH330B. The quiet, double-walled unit directs all of the water inside the machine, decreasing energy and water usage; it also features StemSure, a soft start that protects glasses and dishes from chipping and breaking. The Energy Star-qualified machine offers 3 cycle options, washing up to 30 racks per hour with 120-second cycle times. The machine is equipped with Dry Assist technology, a thermal technology that removes excess moisture quickly, accelerates drying time and provides additional energy savings for door-type machines.
Champion Industries

Moffat’s E33/P10M combination oven/proofer brings the convenience of a proofer/holding cabinet and the versatility of professional-quality convection cooking to smaller venues. The unit delivers a combination of 2-speed fan cooking and carefully balanced moisture management. The portable E33 is easy to use and has a stay-cool exterior, an ideal attribute in a tight environment. Just 24-in.W, the E33 delivers a substantial 5 half-size sheet-pan capacity with 31/3-in. spacing. The P10M proofer unit double stacks with the E33 convection oven. It is fully insulated to ensure efficient proofing, and its plug-in connection makes it easy to install. The P10M can fit up to 10 half-size sheet pans or 10 12-in. x 20-in. steam sheet pans.
Moffat/Ali Group

FLAT table-base technology solves 2 common problems for operators. First, it eliminates table wobbling completely, no matter how uneven the floor. It also eliminates table misalignment when servers need to push tables together for large parties or catered events. FLAT table bases achieve their level and alignment capabilities through an award-winning hydraulic system; there’s no need to adjust by hand—it levels naturally and automatically. The patented hydraulic tubing underpins a range of table-base options offered by the company, including round, square and x-shaped bases in cast iron, polished aluminum and stainless as well as in standard and bar heights. See the video at
FLAT Technologies

Traulsen’s research uncovered multiple areas of concern for K-12 foodservice personnel, whose operations include milk coolers, such as finding the ideal height for students to reach in and gasket-life preservation. The company’s new milk cooler is redesigned to meet the ideal requirements. By placing the milk cooler’s refrigeration system on top of the unit, Traulsen was able to drop the cabinet closer to the ground, improving accessibility for younger children. The milk cooler also has a sliding front-door design that helps protect the EZClean Santoprene gasket from normal wear and tear. Manufactured with a 100% stainless cabinet, reinforced exterior bottom and heavy-duty dunnage racks inside, the milk cooler comes with a 3-yr. warranty for parts and labor and a 5-yr. warranty for the compressor.
Traulsen/ITW FEG

Mauviel has expanded its M’Cook 5-ply stainless cookware collection. The cookware’s material measures 2.6-mm thick and distributes heat evenly and quickly through the whole surface of the pan; its layers include stainless, aluminum and magnetic steel for induction cooking. Adding to the stylish, professional shape of the cookware, the dripless rims are designed for pouring sauces, gravies and other liquids directly from the pan. Featuring ergonomic, stay-cool handles, the cookware is dishwasher safe.
Mauviel USA

T&S Brass and Bronze Works’ Table-Leg Hose-Reel Swing Bracket is designed for convenient right- or left-hand mounting on a table leg and lower cross brace. Compatible with most T&S hose reels, the heavy-duty, stainless bracket offers 210˚ of rotation with multiple locking positions. A reversible, spring-loaded latch locks the bracket into position. A built-in bumper stops the rotation of the bracket against a lower cross brace. The bracket installs quickly and easily and comes with all of the mounting hardware needed for both the bracket and a hose reel. Available with a 1-yr. warranty, the brackets are engineered to fit tables with 1 5/8-in. diameter legs and a lower cross brace of 1 5/8 in.
T&S Brass & Bronze Works

Hollymatic’s Model 120 Precision Bulker precisely and consistently portions 8-32 oz. of ground meat into loaves with clean, squared corners for an attractive appearance. Paper is automatically dispensed under each portion, enhancing the meat color and extending its life. Loaves can go directly into the meat case or freezer. Able to fit almost any grinder, the bulker features an adjustable stand that provides a comfortable height for any operator and a conveyor that easily matches the output level of the grinder. All you need to do is plug the bulker in, drop the paper into place and switch on the power. A foot-switch on the grinder controls output and leaves hands free for handling portions. Easy to clean, no tools are required for assembly or disassembly.

Spring USA’s Snack/Cereal Dispensers are available with single, double or triple cylinders. The durable, stain-resistant, polycarbonate cylinders have a 10-ltr. capacity. Standing 27-in. tall, the units feature a stainless base with dispensing wheel. The dramatic-looking cylinders give the dispensers a unique and elegant look. The Triple Snack/Cereal Dispenser features a convenient rotating chassis for easy dispensing. Use the dispensers on your buffet table or breakfast bar to highlight cereal, candy, trail mix, nuts or anything else you can think of!
Spring USA

Carpigiani’s frozen-dessert 193 Series is completely customizable for any foodservice establishment and offers 2 flavors and a twist with 3 individual levers. Specifically for high-volume production, the countertop models perform like 2 machines in 1 with the ability to operate each side independently. The units feature patented mix injection into the freezing cylinder for fast freeze downtime and overrun control of up to 50% on gravity models and 80% on pump models. Carpigiani’s Heat Treat option saves time and labor by providing daily automatic application of heat to areas that are in contact with the mix, extending cleaning cycles to once every 14 days.
Carpigiani Corp./Ali Group

Hatco’s Multi-Contact Grill offers flexibility, ease of cleaning and precision cooking performance. The grill features enamel-coated, rust- and scratch-resistant cast-iron plates. Both grooved and smooth plates are available; a quick-change feature provides increased menu flexibility. A patented Heating Element Pack delivers even heat distribution over the entire plate for exceptional control and uniform cooking. The Easy Clean System allows for quick, efficient cleaning, enabling the dishwasher-safe grill to dismantle in seconds. The self-adjusting top plate makes this unit perfect for a variety of products.
Hatco Corp.

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