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KFC Revamps Stores In China, Adds Modern Perks

KFC plans to modernize its stores across China. The company, the largest American restaurant chain in China, plans to differentiate itself from other chains by creating the ambiance of a social hangout for its customers while also making it suitable for business meetings.

The revamp, intended to attract the growing number of customers in China who prefer online and cellphone transactions, will include a new electronic menu, better mobile experiences and Wi-Fi access. Customers will dine at wooden tables in areas separated by glass and green plants. Aside from the new design concept, KFC also will create new uniforms for its workers.

Initially, at least 130 of the 4,600 KFC stores across China will get the updates, which also include new, neutral designs such as off-white and gray walls exhibiting modern-themed paintings. KFC’s parent, Yum! Brands, said the company plans to open 700 new units in China this year.

By the end of 2014, KFC China expects to have around 2,000 restaurants in China offering free Wi-Fi services. Additionally, customers who have paid orders through mobile apps would be able to receive their orders after they arrive at the restaurant.

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