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MAFSI Debuts SpecPath Tracking System

Spurred by polling that showed nearly 40% of its members lose as much as $25,000 in missed specification, origination, and destination credits every year, the Manufacturers’ Agents Association for the Foodservice Industry is building a central and secure tracking system of projects. MAFSI is working closely with reps and manufacturers to gather 11-4000 specifications across North America into a first-in-the-industry software library.

That library, SpecPath, forms a comprehensive database completely sourced by MAFSI members, then curated, sorted and triangulated to determine origination, specification, and destination by region, rep firm, and manufacturer. Users’ data is secure; reps will only be able to see the manufacturers they represent, and manufacturers will only be able to see the products they make.

SpecPath will list all bidding dealers, and subsequently update the project when an awarded dealer is announced. MAFSI hopes to have 90% of all North American 11-4000 specifications in the SpecPath library.

“Our members are at the front lines and the front doors of everyone in the industry. They touch everyone. And they’re building a game-changing database and software platform that will ensure all of our members get the visibility they need,” said Alison Cody, MAFSI’s executive director.

 In addition, MAFSI will hold two all-industry 3D conferences for its rep and manufacturer principal members on June 17 and June 19.

To sign up, and find out more about SpecPath, please visit

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