GALLERY: Blast Chillers

Use this vertical reach-in blast chiller/freezer/refrigeration system, part of the QuickChiller line, to chill virtually any type of food, from delicate vegetables and seafood to hearty roasts. The unit boasts 4 operating modes: quick-freeze mode, soft-chill mode (for less dense items), hard-chill mode (for denser products) and a holding mode for chilled or frozen items. The eye-level touchscreen control gives you precise, programmable consistency at your fingertips. Program up to 20 preset menu selections.

The HurriChill blast chiller/shock freezer features a microprocessor to control a host of cycles including soft and hard chill, shock freeze, hold and optional thaw and UV sterilize. Air flows in an indirect, high-velocity pattern for even distribution. Under the thaw feature, frozen items return to a safe holding temperature by using alternating cycles of gentle heat and refrigeration; bring solid, dense frozen foods to 38°F in less than 7 hr. Accommodates Rational combi racks.

The patented Intelligent Food Recognition (IFR) uses a multisensor probe to sense product temperature at various depths and automatically adjusts blast chilling to prevent undesired freezing. Probe also triggers Smart On to turn unit on as soon as a probe is inserted. Unit features an infinity mode that allows the operator to set any combination of fan speed and temperature. Thaw mode also available.

A confectionary specialist, the Nordika 400 is suited to pastry and ice cream/gelato shops in addition to delis and restaurants. Unit blast chills and blast freezes (to 37.4°F and to 0.4°F) 123 lb. in 60 min. and features a heated product core probe. A hinged evaporator door, completely removable pan racks (hotel and sheet), coved corners and optional ozonizing sterilizer makes this chiller easy to keep clean.

Part of the ConvoChill line, this blast chiller/shock freezer features an integrated printer that prints out dates, temperatures and times during blast-chill cycles and shock-freeze cycles. The unit records data every 60 sec. for your convenience. Use the electronic control to hold up to 99 programs. The HACCP memory feature automatically saves alarms. The T14D is a companion piece to the ConvoTherm by Cleveland Range/Manitowoc Foodservice.

With touchscreen controls at eye level, HACCP reporting/warning functions standard (with printer) and a refrigeration system that slides right out for maintenance, the GBF-15 is a user-friendly blast chiller-freezer. The unit accommodates 15 sheet and 7 hotel pans minimum (recommended); 14 hotel pans can fit if needed. Defrost is automatic with hot gas and water condensate catch pan. Chiller brings 143 lb. to 37°F in 90 min.; 110 lb. to 0°F in 270 min.

This blast chiller/shock freezer accepts hot product directly from the oven; there’s no need to reduce food temperatures to below 160°F. The patented Cruise Cycle automatically controls the chilling process according to the type and size of the product load and prevents superficial burns; insert the probe inside the product and press “cruise.” For continuous bulk production, patented Turbo Cooling ensures the chiller works continuously at the desired temperature.

The control system on this blast chiller/shock freezer comes with improved precision in managing temperature systems. You can adjust temperature ranges per your requirements. Standard advantages of the unit include an interior cabinet with rounded corners and removable shelves and slides for easy cleaning, plus a self-closing door system with a stay-open feature when the door remains open past 95°. The door includes triple chamber gaskets and is easy to remove and snap back in for quick service.

MultiFresh combines chilling functions (cooling, freezing, thawing, chocolate) and warming functions (low-temp cooking, regeneration, pasteurization, proofing, holding), and now operates via MyA, a new touchscreen interface with 7-in. screen. Patented features include the MultiRack adjustable tray rack that doubles tray capacity; Multisensor 5-point probe (attached to the door) that can trigger auto-start and delivers perfect food temperature control; and Sanigen chamber sanitizing system. Data logging in the HACCP control software is wireless for easily downloading and reporting.

Master-Chill MBC models feature the patented Food Identification Controller (FIC) technology that automatically adjusts blast chilling cycles with its single, multi-sensor probe. Measuring temps at the core and on the surface, the chilling adjusts to prevent surface freezing and to preserve nutritional value. Multilingual LCD displays cycle based on time or temp, interior and product temp, ventilation speed and HACCP alarms. Foot-activated door opener is a one-of-a-kind feature.

The microprocessor control on the BFP121P is able to memorize up to 100 blast chill and blast-freezing cycles and memorizes any alarms triggered for HACCP monitoring. The processor controls up to 4 core probes, as well, for multi-food chilling. The unit’s compressor is protected by an overload-cutout switch, which cuts out the evaporator fan and compressor when the door is open. Accommodates 12 12x20x2.5 hotel pans.

This blast chiller operates the cooling system by either product temperature using food probes or by a designated time period. The unit’s controller comes standard with a USB port for downloading chilling times for HACCP programs. Randell offers an optional printer in lieu of the USB port if needed. Standard features include an automatic condensate evaporator, a self-closing door and adjustable pan slides.

So many features make this blast chiller/freezer user friendly. Eye-level touchscreen controls can hold 99 custom recipes. The self-contained refrigeration system slides out for easy cleaning and maintenance. A single multi-sensor probe is standard, but an additional heated core probe is an option. Unit includes a USB port to download HACCP data and unit diagnostics.

Designed from the ground up by the engineers at Thermo-Kool, the TK20-2 Blast Chiller & Shock Freezer has a unique, 3-way indirect airflow that combines with a multi-point-injection evaporator to deliver a consistent air temp over all the food in the compartment. The latest microcontroller technology delivers step-by-step instructions and diagnostics in a running 40-character, eye-level display.

This model boasts two compressors, including a ½-hp. maintenance compressor for holding product at proper temp. Blast-chilling is easy using Epicon Control. In automatic mode, you simply place a probe in the product and a chill cycle will start within 60 sec. For manual mode, you can program individual cycle parameters. Also in this mode, should you fail to correctly program the cycle or manually start it, Epicon Control will start a chill cycle based on default settings within 5 min.

Victory’s exclusive hi 5 unit is a blast chiller, freezer, thawer, retarder/proofer and slow cooker/warmer all in one. The touchscreen control displays HACCP alarms, including power failure and cycle time out of required temperature, and stores them in memory. The onboard recipe book holds 68 preset programs. Regulate the fan during cycles using the adjustable evaporator fan speed button.

This model features built-in alarms and can control the chilling process with temperature probes or a digital timer, which can be programmed with 2 preset chilling times for specific food products. The HACCP data logger system records, stores and prints temperature data for up to 7 days. The cabinet automatically defrosts and reverts to a +38°F storage mode after blast-chill cycles. The unit’s front-breathing design allows for 0-clearance installation.

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