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Legal Memos From Around The Globe:

England: The owner of a restaurant in northern England is on trial, charged with manslaughter after a man with a severe nut allergy died as a result of dining at his restaurant. The operator of Indian Garden in Easingwold denies charges of gross negligence, perverting the course of justice, and six food-safety offenses in relation to the customer’s death. Among the charges are falsely describing food on a menu, and contravening EU food safety regulations by placing food described as nut-free on the market that was unsafe for nut allergy sufferers.

Ukraine: Reuters is reporting on a copycat McDonald’s operating in a separatist-controlled eastern Ukraine store the U.S. chain shuttered two years ago. The company pulled out of the Ukrainian city of Luhansk in May 2014 for security reasons after pro-Russian insurgents mounted an armed uprising there against Kiev’s rule, and unilaterally declared the region’s independence. But now the restaurant appears to be open and selling burgers and fries that look similar to those served in McDonald’s restaurants worldwide. All McDonald’s branding and logos had, however, been removed from the restaurant—although the exterior signage still has the McDonald’s sign, doctored to leave only the letters “Mc.”

A spokeswoman for McDonald’s in Ukraine told Reuters: “Our lawyers are working on this issue.”

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