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Chef Saver, the mascot at Schweppe Inc., is getting a new moniker. The Lombard, Ill., dealer has opened up a naming contest to update the inanimate green bird’s name. “I like the mascot,” said company Pres. Jeff Schweppe. “It’s just the name that needs some freshening.”

Unacceptable names include clichés such “Crackers,” anything gender-specific, or “anything that could possibly offend people or the dignity of other parrots.”

To enter, customers need to fill out a short form in the store before Aug. 20. The winner, to be announced Aug. 27, will receive a $100 merchandise gift certificate. “I have faith in our customers. They’re a pretty creative group,” said Schweppe. “I know that when I go through the entries, one will just hit me and I’ll say, `why didn’t I think of that?’”

The toque-wearing parrot, soon-to-be-formerly known as Chef Saver, had no comment.

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