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Ice-And-Water Gallery:

Cornelius IMD Glacier 600-30 Handsfree

Debuting this fall, this chunklet ice-and-water dispenser boasts hands-free dispensing; enjoy hygienic water dispensing with smooth, laminar flow. Unit produces 580 lb./24 hr. of ice and stores 30 lb. It comes integrated with LED merchandising; customizable graphics are LED backlit. Unit measures 18½-in.W x 28¼-in.D x 37⅒-in.H and has a container clearance of 11½ in. Construction highlights include corrosion-free, stainless exterior and easy-to-clean plastic front panel.

Follett Symphony Plus
Units come in 30 different freestanding, countertop, and wall-mount configurations with storage capacities of 12, 25, 50 and 90 lb. Dispensers use the same modular 400# ice machine for commonality in parts and serviceability. They feature soft, chewable Chewblet ice with hands-free SensorSAFE dispensing. All machines include automatic self-flushing, antimicrobial protection, Quiet Night sleep mode, and semi-automatic, 1-hr. cleaning and sanitizing. The 12 CI series produces up to 425 lb./24 hr. of ice, has a 12-lb. storage capacity, and overall measures about 16⅒-in.W x 23½-in.D x 32½-in.H with a 9⅖-in.H cup clearance.

Hoshizaki DCM-270BAH-OS
Hoshizaki’s Opti-Serve Series sanitary cubelet ice machine/dispenser produces up to 288 lb. of easy-to-chew, cubelet ice per 24 hr.; it has a storage capacity of 10 lb. Equipment highlights include touch-free operation, a durable stainless exterior and stainless auger with greaseless bearing, Advanced CleanCycle24 design, and protection by H-GUARD Plus Antimicrobial Agent. Unit measures 16 9/16-in.W x 24⅛-in.D x 31 11/16-in.H, including 4-in. legs, and has a cup clearance of 7 15/16 in.

Ice-O-Matic GEMD270
Ice-O-Matic’s space-saving GEMD270 offers touchfree dispensing; infrared actuation provides an easy, sanitary option. Take advantage of rapid recovery time ( 11⅖-lb. of ice per hr.). The sanitary plastic chute easily removes for cleaning. A bigger dispensing area (7¾-in.H) allows more clearance for larger containers. Its quiet operation makes it ideal for healthcare applications. This model makes up to 273 lb./24 hr. of soft, chewable ice crystals (Pearl Ice) and stores up to 12 lb.; it measures 15 3/10-in.W x 26⅒-in.D x 34⅖-in.H.

Manitowoc Ice CNF0202/CNF0201
Both countertop nugget ice makers/dispensers produce up to 315 lb./24 hr. of ice; the CNF0202 stores 20 lb. and CNF0201 stores 10 lb. Both models available in either touchless or lever-activated dispense. Models sport 1 dispenser point with push buttons for ice, water, or ice/water. The on/off/clean button is conveniently located on the front of the machine without having to remove the front panel. DuraTech front panel removes for easy cleaning and reduced hardwater staining in the dispense area. Units measure about 16¼-in.W x 24-in.D and either 42-in.H (CNF0202) or 35-in.H (CNF0201) with a cup clearance of 10½ in.

Scotsman Meridian HID312
Meridian HID312 produces up to 260 lb. of soft, chewable nugget ice per 24 hr., with a storage capacity up to 12 lb. Unit dispenses ice and water via sanitary touch-free infrared sensors. Unit measures 16¼-in.W x 24 3/10-in.D x 35-in.H with a cup clearance of 11 in. It features maintenance-free bearings, intuitive LED diagnostic lights for quicker service time and a unit-specific QR code for quick access to service manuals and warranty history. Antimicrobial AquaArmor with AgION comes molded into key components.

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