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Designed for coffee/espresso machines, 3M ScaleGard Blend Series of Products for Hardness & Chloramines Reduction delivers custom water quality that you control. Simply blend in the desired level of minerals on the system head for recipe-quality water. Systems reduce chlorine taste and odor as well as chloramines that can react with metal, plastic and rubber materials; this reaction may potentially cause equipment damage. Flow rate is .5 gpm; capacity is 530 gal., 749 gal. or 1,249 gal. at 11 grains-per-gallon hardness, depending on model. Products use premium carbon block technology, and have a sanitary quick-change design for fast, easy cartridge changeouts. Choose the optional filtration monitor and app that lets you track life cycle and status of multiple cartridges in many locations from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

The VZN-441V premium water filtration system delivers high-quality ingredient water to the entire beverage portfolio through a 2-phase process. Water flows through a self-cleaning .015-micron ultrafilter that removes particulates before it enters the carbon cartridge. The separation of mechanical filtration from off-flavor- and odor-reducing carbon filtration ensures only 1 low-cost carbon cartridge change per year, rather than multiple times per year required by competitive products. Since this filtration process prevents the carbon cartridge from becoming plugged, the VZN-441V system achieves the highest-quality water at a lower cost of ownership, according to the company. System’s maximum flow rate is 8 gpm or 15 gpm depending on the model; its rated capacity is 30,000 gal. at 5 gal. per minute.

Ecolab’s ECO-350 Filtration System for smaller applications, such as small ice machines or coffee/tea brewers, helps reduce sediment, chlorine and scale. Activated hollow carbon technology provides 20,000 gal. of chlorine-removal capacity in a compact design. Flow rate is 1.7 gpm. Sanitary quick-change design decreases downtime and risk of contamination during replacement. Minimal upfront cost with installation and routine service included.

The OptiPure OPS175CR/16 uses reverse osmosis to remove >97% of the total dissolved solids from water. Then, a balance of minerals is dissolved into the RO water to provide optimized water with desired TDS for recommended applications, including combi ovens, steamers and proofers. System produces up to 175 gal. per day (typically what a steamer, etc., would use); up to 3 gal. per minute service flow with 60 psi inlet pressure. It features an integrated pre-filter which reduces the sediment and chlorine, and a post-filter for chloramine reduction. System includes an operating pressure gauge and a hydropneumatics storage tank that holds up to 16 gal. to meet water requirements for specific applications. The system also has a built-in manual bypass valve. The compact design enables you to wall-mount or install the product under the counter.

Pentair Everpure’s High Flow CSR Triple-7CLM+ (EV9771-33) uses high-powered, radial flow carbon filtration technology to maximize chloramines reduction. The system offers up to 37,800-gal. capacity and flow rates up to 5 gpm. The company designed the system to Coca-Cola North America Base Filtration Water Treatment Standards. It includes 2 outlets, 1 that provides premium filtered water for fountain beverage dispensers and a second that offers premium filtered water plus scale inhibition for coffee brewers and ice machines. The company offers other CLM+ models for applications requiring up to 77,200-gal. capacity and flow rates up to 8 gpm.

Selecto’s HPF System provides high-performance water filtration in a compact package. The system helps to improve beverage taste and carbonation, increase ice quality and product rates, and inhibit scale formulation build-up on equipment. The modular design lets you combine HPF heads and cartridges as needed to meet the demands of any application or water challenge. Nano aluminum fibers system has a capacity of 15,000 gal.-20,000 gal. and a flow rate of 5 gpm, while the hollow carbon cartridge, scale inhibitor cartridge and nano membrane cartridge all have 40,000-gal. capacity and 2.5-gpm flow rate.

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