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Powered Food Processor

A food prep machine, the Axis Expert 205 Processor is a technologically advanced, safe, and versatile multi-purpose tool that can cut, slice, grate, granulate, shred, julienne, and much more.  The Expert’s 1-hp thermally protected motor transmits power to the discs spinning at 300 rpm and processes up to 500 lb./hr. This single- speed machine's precision cutting action maintains the product’s cell structure resulting in less damage to the food, slower product oxidation, and longer shelf life with a higher-quality product.  Forged from high-quality aluminum with a polished anodized wear-resistant finish, the unit comes with 2 discs of your choice.  Electrical is 110/60/1 and 10 amps; unit measures 11 1/2-in.W x 18 1/2-in.D and 20 1/2-in.H or 33 1/2-in.H depending on if the arm is down or up.

Berkel M3000 continuous-feed prep machine is a high-performance machine that quickly and conveniently, slices, dices, shreds, grates, and juliennes vegetables, fruits and cheese.  Constructed of heavy-duty stainless and aluminum, the compact M3000 is easy to move from one location to another.  The continuous-feed attachment includes an automatic start/stop function, feed tube and design that allows the operator to load product with both hands for the fastest possible processing. The dual interlock boosts operator protection.  The M3000 has a variety of cutting plates to optimize the versatility and productivity.  Unit measures 8 1/2-in.W x 18 1/4-in.D x 23 1/4-in.H. Machine has 800-950 lb./hr. capacity, single-speed, 3/4-hp motor, 350 rpm cutting speed, 115/60/1 electrical, 12.5 amps, and comes standard with 2 discs.

Electrolux TRK45 is a 3-in-1 combination cutter, emulsifier and vegetable slicer. The 1 1/3-hp variable speed motor automatically adjusts speed and function to the cutting disc or S-blade selected, operating between 1 of 10 speeds from 300 to 3,700 rpm.  A stainless 4 1/2-qt.  Bowl has a high center tube to enhance productivity when processing food, and includes a lid and built-in scraper for emulsifying.  A long vegetable hopper integrates into the wide 3/4-moon stainless round hopper. The unit comes with S-blade, and a variety of discs are available as options.  Unit is 9 15/16-in.W x 19 1/16-in.D x 19 7/8-in.H and electrical is 110-120/60/1 and 8 amps.

Hobart HCC34 changes between bowl-style or continuous-feed processing.  Sure- Sense technology identifies the installed processor head and adjusts speed for optimal results—3 speed settings for bowl-style operations and 2 speed options for continuous-feed processing.  Double interlocks stop the machine when the pusher plate is in the load position and automatically starts it when folded down. The HCC34 cuts power if the feed cylinder is removed, ensuring the machine won’t start with an exposed blade.  In continuous-feed mode, unit measures 11-in.W x 13 3/4-in.D x 23-in.H and produces 4 2/5 lb./min.; in batch-bowl mode, with a 3 1/5-qt.  Stainless bowl, unit measures 11-in.W x 13-in.D x 17-in.H. Motor is 1 1/2 hp.  Electrical is 120/60/1, 9 amps.  Unit includes S-blade and 3 discs.

The Primo PVC-500 is a proven, safe, and versatile multi-purpose tool capable of slicing, grating, and shredding all types of vegetables, fruits, and cheese.  With a wide variety of easily interchangeable discs (5 blades are provided), you can dice, cut, slice, grate, julienne, and more.  The PVC-500’s ¾-hp single-speed motor transmits power to the blades which spin at 270 rpm.  This power is managed with dual safeties to keep the operator protected.  This is a powerful machine packed into a 9-in.W x 19-in.D x 19 7/10-in.H footprint while operating on 115/60/1, 5 amps.  Unit is easy to use, clean and maintain.  The PVC-500 is forged with a high-quality polished and anodized wear-resistant aluminum finish.  It processes up to 500 lb./hr., depending on food product.

Robot Coupe’s R 2 N Ultra Combination Processor: Bowl Cutter & Vegetable Prep has a direct-drive 1-hp induction motor with stainless shaft for a variety of heavy-duty food prep tasks from vegetable slicing to emulsifying.  A 3.17-qt. stainless bowl for batch processing has a handle and removable lid.  The vegetable prep attachment has 2 hoppers, 1 for large items and 1 for cylindrical items, and has a detachable chute and feed lead for easy cleaning.  The unit comes with S-blade and 2 discs; a large range of 23 discs are available as options.  This single-speed machine measures 8 3/4-in.W x 15 13/16-in.D x 19 13/16-in.H; electrical is 120/60/1 and 7 amps.  In vegetable prep mode, unit produces up to 90 lb./hr.

Sammic’s Combi CK-311 is a 2-in-1 vegetable prep machine and food processor with a 3-hp variable-speed motor block.  The vegetable prep cutting head has ergonomic design that allows you to cut product with 1 arm motion in 1 of 5 speeds. The 5-qt.  Stainless food processor bowl has a polycarbonate lid complete with scraper, and has 10 speed settings plus pulse switch.  A waterproof, user-friendly LED control panel also lets you program by time.  Comes with a serrated S-blade for the bowl; other discs and blades are optional.  As a vegetable prep machine, unit produces 300 to 1,000 lb./hr. and measures 15 2/5-in.W x 16 1/3-in.D x 22 1/3-in.H. As a processor, unit measures about 11-in.W x 15 2/5-in.D x 18 2/5-in.H. Electrical is 120/50-60/1 and 15 amps.

Slice labor cost by as much as 75% with Thunderbird’s TBR-580 food prep machine. The machine can slice, dice, cube and shred many types of vegetables.  It also can slice wavy chips and julienne.  Choose from different disc sizes, shapes and types; 3 come standard.  The machine comes with a single-speed 1/2-hp motor, electrical is 115/50/1 and 20 amps.  Capacity runs up to 1,000 lb./hr. It measures 12-in.W x 18-in.W x 22-in.H.

Waring’s WFP16SCD 4-qt.  Food processor is a combination unit that offers more than 20 processing options.  Its 2-hp motor, heavy-duty die-cast housing and continuous-feed chute provides power and durability for large volume slicing, dicing and shredding of vegetables, cheese and other foods—dicing up to 920 lb.  Of tomatoes per hr., for example.  The LiquiLock seal system, featuring a snap-lock lid with removable seal and sealed S-blade that locks into place, lets you process and pour dressings, sauces, purees and whipped cream (with a locking whipped cream blade) without leaks.  Comes standard with dicing kit and 4 blades.  Unit measures 15-in.W x 14-in.D x 18-in.H; electrical is 120/60/1 and 6 amps.

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