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How Henny Penny Helps Commercial Kitchens Save Energy

Energy efficiency is all about looking for a way to use less energy to do the same amount of work. It’s not just about how much gas or electricity it takes to run an appliance. It’s about how that machine operates, what features it offers, and the way it is used. Consider kitchen equipment from…

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5 Kitchen Plumbing Specifications You Shouldn’t Overlook

When it comes to specifying core components of a kitchen, like the plumbing, it’s easy to quickly look to the tried-and-true specs that have served you and your clients for years. And while the old reliable is reliable for a reason, it may not capture some more modern options that might serve your clients better.…

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Fryer Files: A Guide to Finding the Right Energy Star Fryer

With so many energy-efficient fryers available today, which one is right for your operation?


Where To Start Your Search For a Walk-In

Remembering the basics can make specifying walk-in refrigerators and freezers less stressful.

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Keep Pulse of Today’s Beverage Blenders

Makers' newest models dial into operators' needs for precise and popular recipes, heightened speed for off-premise orders, and easy controls.

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The 2023 KI Recipients Have Been Announced

The highlighted products reflect an industry focus on automation, efficiency, sustainability and more.

FER Feb 9 2023 Branded Article

What You Need to Know About Commercial Pressure Fryers

What You Need to Know About Commercial Pressure Fryers If you know anything about cooking deep fried chicken in a commercial kitchen, you probably know the difference between open frying and pressure frying. Open frying for crispy, crunchy breaded texture and slightly dryer inside; pressure frying for softer Southern-fried texture and a tender, juicy inside. You…


What’s New With Hearth Ovens

Fully loaded with smart features, today’s hearth ovens fall into a category all their own.

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Choosing the Ideal Food Holding Cabinet for Your School or Cafeteria

If you run a cafeteria or school lunch program, serving hot meals will keep your students coming for more. Food warmers and holding cabinets are a must-have if you want your foodservice operation to run smoothly. While it is possible to keep rewarming food, having a food holding cabinet is more efficient and saves you…

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Improving Indoor Air Quality in Today’s Kitchens

Ensuring a safe, comfortable environment for patrons and staff is especially critical for today’s restaurant operator. Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can lead to inadequate building health, cause serious health problems and, according to ASHRAE, has the potential for increased viral transmission.1 A well-designed, properly regulated ventilation system with higher amounts of fresh air and…

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