Setting New Industry Standards

Setting New Industry Standards: EverSteel by T&S Brass

03 26 2024 EVERSTEEL (1200 x 800 px)

In the fast-paced world of foodservice, prioritizing customer satisfaction is non-negotiable. That’s why choosing plumbing solutions made of high-quality material isn’t just a choice – it’s essential. While other options might seem appealing initially due to lower costs, many establishments discover the advantages of stainless-steel plumbing products far outweigh the investment.

Why stainless steel?

Stainless steel plumbing products boast undeniable strength and aesthetic appeal. Their exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion add long-lasting value, coupled with a visually pleasing finish that requires minimal upkeep. Moreover, the cost-effectiveness of stainless-steel plumbing products has become evident over time, outlasting inferior materials.

Introducing EverSteel: setting new industry standards

Enter EverSteel by T&S Brass, where durability and effectiveness converge to set new benchmarks in industry standards. Crafted from pure stainless steel with a sleek brushed satin finish, EverSteel products offer unmatched affordability without sacrificing performance. Renowned for reliability, the line features premium 316L and 304L designs, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Backed by a lifetime warranty, these fixtures meet the standards of commercial kitchens while holding global certifications for quality.

Experience the EverSteel advantage

EverSteel’s stainless steel composition guarantees water purity, meeting the highest standards for your guests. Supported by T&S’ established reliability, these premium products minimize operational disruptions and replacement requirements.

Sure, fixture fittings made from inferior materials may cost less initially, but the yearly cost of ownership is often higher than you expect. No one wants to waste their time replacing parts, not to mention sending more waste to the landfill.

Improve kitchen workflow through innovative design

Thoughtfully designed stainless steel plumbing products can improve your commercial kitchen’s workflow and operational efficiency. EverSteel’s innovative and award-winning S-0107-Y spray valve redefines efficiency and sustainability, delivering superior cleaning power and durability. Plus, its ergonomic pre-rinse handle alleviates hand strain, streamlining cleanup tasks with minimal effort.

Flexible hoses make fixture fitting installation easier, allowing you to route your water lines in challenging locations. They also absorb vibration and thermal expansion and contraction better than rigid piping.

Promote sustainability

Stainless steel plumbing products promote sustainability through their durable and long-lasting nature. By minimizing waste generation and conserving resources, stainless steel plumbing contributes to a more environmentally friendly approach to infrastructure. Investing in these products means investing in a sustainable future and reducing our environmental footprint.

Upgrade your kitchen with EverSteel

Experience the difference with EverSteel by T&S Brass today. Contact us now to learn more and make the switch!


About T&S Brass
T&S Brass and Bronze Works, Inc. has been a leader in providing innovative equipment solutions to the foodservice and plumbing industries for more than 75 years — since 1947 — when it developed the first pre-rinse unit. Today, with facilities on the east and west coasts of the U.S., in Shanghai, China and in Europe, T&S leads the way in environmental initiatives from eco-friendly manufacturing processes to development of award-winning water- and energy-conserving products. T&S is among the first commercial plumbing manufacturers to be registered by UL to ISO 9001 Certification, the most stringent a corporation can receive. Visit tsbrass.com.


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