Back to Open: Navigating the Foodservice Industry’s Road to Recovery


The COVID-19 pandemic has given us more questions and considerations. Discussions that were once second nature have become more complex. Leaders must ask themselves:

What is the best course of action for caring for and restarting my equipment?

How can I safely serve customers?

What do my employees need right now?

What role will technology play moving forward?

What does the future of the foodservice industry look like?

There are a lot of moving parts and unknowns, but as operations begin to open up, now is the time to think ― and act. We’re going to start to tackle some of these questions in our Back to Open initiative.

What is Back to Open?

Back to Open is our way of highlighting conversations that matter as commercial kitchens begin to restart and serve customers. We want to address current realities, talk through projections and discuss what shifting from survival to recovery looks like across foodservice operations. It is our goal to build connections during this complicated time and share information that is important and valuable to you.

Back to Open content topics

Through articles, podcasts, social media posts and blog posts, we’ll be covering a number of relevant topics. Backed by market insights and expert opinions, articles will address questions like:

  • What can customers expect from foodservice operations today?
  • How can safety be a differentiator for your service company?
  • How do we speed technology adoption to move from omni-channel to omni-relationship?

Additionally, as more operations open up, we’ll share stories of opening experiences, lessons learned and key takeaways from industry professionals.

In the Heritage PartsCast podcast series, we’ll speak with experts from around foodservice on a variety of subjects:

  • Trends in educational dining post-COVID
  • Reimaging your restaurant for QSR/Fast Casual restaurants and independents
  • The changing landscape for service companies
  • New safety/sanitizing realities

Join the Back to Open discussion

At the end of the day, we are all stronger together ― manufacturers, dealers, distributors, restaurant owner/operators and service agents. We’re going to keep talking through what “back to open” looks like in order to help navigate the path forward.

Join the Back to Open discussion ― follow us on social media, visit our blog and subscribe to the Heritage PartsCast podcast via Apple Podcasts, Spotify or your podcast player of choice.

Here’s to getting back to open!



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