Choosing The Right Walk-In Refrigeration System


When purchasing a walk-in, there are a lot of important things to keep in mind. Amount of space needed, type of product stored, flooring options and door locations are just a few considerations. But, while you are making the big decisions, don’t leave out the refrigeration system. Taking time to select the right system makes all the difference in cooler or freezer performance.

There are typically a couple of choices when it comes to walk-in systems: remote or self-contained. Remote systems consist of an evaporator coil mounted inside the walk-in and a condensing unit located away from the walk in, frequently outside a building or on a roof.

With self-contained systems, both the condensing unit and evaporator coil are in a common housing which is usually set in place on top of the walk-in.

So which option is best? It all depends on your specific application. Again, there are many things to consider, but here are a few guidelines…

Choose a self-contained system when…

  • Maximizing the interior space of the walk-in is important
  • The convenience of not having to hire a refrigeration contractor is important
  • Speed of installation is important
  • Rejecting the heat to the inside space is not a concern
  • All product is delivered cold

Choose a remote system when…

  • Larger capacity systems are needed
  • Height above the walk-in is restricted
  • Taking the heat outside and removing load from the HVAC system is important
  • Lower noise level inside the space is important
  • Un-chilled product is loaded into the walk-in and needs to be pulled down to the appropriate storage temperature
  • You expect frequent door openings

Taking time to carefully consider your refrigeration system needs will make a big difference in your walk-in’s performance and will also protect your stored perishable items.

For more on selecting the right system, contact our sales support team at nlsales@refsg.com or call 800-955-5253. For a quote on your next walk-in project, please see our quote request form.


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