Make an Impression With Ice-Glide Beverage Merchandisers

Built by Display Technologies, Ice-Glide boasts customizable and easy-to-maintain features.


As beverage sales play an important role in driving profits for convenience stores, operators are leaning into better packaged beverage merchandising options. According to the National Association of Convenience Stores, 43% of consumers say they bought a drink and another 13% purchased beer or wine the last time they went inside a convenience store. Customers are buying everything from coffee, tea, and soda to energy drinks and milk. The ease and convenience of grabbing a cold beverage makes the cold vault an important destination, not just in convenience stores but other outlets as well.

A clean, well-maintained cold vault merchandising system goes a long way in boosting beverage sales and creating repeat customers. However, the cold vault is a prime location for accidents. Leaky cardboard packaging and exploding carbonated beverages can leave behind a sticky, smelly mess. Ice-Glide is a new beverage merchandising system that is customizable and easy to clean, and can ensure products are always at the shelf’s edge with no unsightly spills taking away from the experience.


Improving the Look of Cold Vaults

Even though packaged beverages make up a big part of convenience store sales, the cold vault often gets overlooked by operators. Past operating models have left this section of the store to be serviced for the most part by bottlers and distributors. The downside is the spills sit there, an unsightly mess, until the next time the bottler stops by.

To improve appearances in the packaged beverage category, many operators are choosing to invest in Ice-Glide, a cold vault shelving solution that accommodates any planogram assortment, and is easy to install and maintain.

Installation: Snap-fit components and repositionable lane dividers install correctly every time, for complete customization to meet everchanging planogram needs. The gravity-fed glides keep shelves appearing stocked and organized, and the clear front lens promotes products to consumers with unobstructed visibility.

Maintenance: Keeping the display clean is as easy as wiping down the shelves with a damp cloth. There’s no more waiting until the bottler rep comes by with new shelves, or struggling with a toothbrush trying to get sticky spills out of roller-style shelving units. Ice-Glide can be cleaned right inside the cold vault, just remove all the product and wipe the shelf down. For bigger messes it’s easy to remove Ice-Glide, wipe it down, and set it back on the shelf.


A New Focus on the Cold Vault

The convenience store category has undergone a major shift over the past few years as smaller, independent stores get bought by national or regional chains. For these operators, it’s important that customers experience the same clean, well-maintained environment in every store.

Benefits of the Ice-Glide shelving system include the following:

  • Enhanced brand image: Cleanliness helps enhance a store’s reputation.
  • Better customer experience: Better beverage merchandising means products are simple to see and the storage units are easily kept free of unsightly or smelly messes.
  • Improved sanitation: The ability to wipe up sugary drinks and spilled dairy products eliminates the possibility of bacteria and mold growing within the unit.

Durable and easy to maintain, the Ice-Glide shelving system provides an easy way to boost an operator’s brand and elevate the store’s shopping experience.

Display Technologies is an industry-leading point-of-purchase solutions provider that solves retailers’ beverage merchandising and shelf challenges. For the last 60 years, we’ve worked with the most respected brands to do just that. For more information, contact a Display Technologies expert today.


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