Sodexo Expands Commissary Kitchen Offerings for At-Home Workers

Sodexo Acquires GEC and Nourish 1200x800

To address the shifting reality of remote working, Sodexo has responded by announcing it will expand its U.K.-based Good Eating Company offering to North America. In addition, the company has acquired Nourish Inc., a commissary kitchen model that allows employers to provide fresh, vegetable-forward meals to employees off-site.

Remote work remains a trend in 2021, Sodexo notes in its press release. A full 91% of workers who worked from home because of the pandemic would like to continue to do so, according to Sodexo’s recent Harris Interactive survey.

These new offers will help strengthen Sodexo’s presence and delivery options in urban markets, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.

“Never before has that need been so urgent than in a pandemic year; our clients want to provide their employees with the best infrastructure and support, irrespective of where they physically work from,” said David Bailey, CEO, Corporate Services, Sodexo North America.

Sodexo acquired the Good Eating Company in 2017, along with its 20 years of workplace dining experience across creative, media and arts, investment and financial management and pharmaceutical industries and has helped to grow its food offerings and services in the U.K and Ireland. GEC’s flex model allows chefs to work onsite or from a central location, and meals focus on locally sourced ingredients.

GEC’s food program and its delivery service, Good Eating Delivered, will be powered by Sodexo’s digital app. Customers will have the option to pick up food at a client site or have it delivered to their home, if offered by their employer. Good Eating Delivered will debut in Toronto and Montreal in February and New York City this spring.

Nourish, Inc. is an established brand in the San Francisco Bay Area. Its offsite commissary design allows its chefs to create up to 25 cuisine options, including American, Indian, Japanese, Middle Eastern, and Mexican and provides grab-n-go options and healthy snacks. Nourish, Inc. will also be powered by Sodexo’s app and meals will be delivered to companies and employees onsite or offsite daily.


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