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The terms “Connected Kitchen” and “Smart Kitchen” are fairly well known at this point in the foodservice industry. What seems to be lacking however, is a clear understanding of exactly what elements these terms are referring to. In all fairness, these are very broad terms for which there isn’t a single definition. In reality, a Connected Kitchen may look very different depending on the operator’s needs.

The most common type of Connected Kitchen is one which contains equipment with wireless capabilities which allows for remote consumption, error and HAACP reporting, recipe management, firmware updates, and even equipment control. These are all very desirable features that the majority of operators would love to take advantage of, so why don’t we see more Connected Kitchens? The answer is simple, cost. A single piece of equipment is expensive enough as it is, now imagine replacing all of the equipment in order to create a Smart Kitchen. Besides the expensive investment required, there’s the additional burden of having to retrain staff on how to use the new and sometimes complicated equipment. Humans are creatures of habit, most operators like the equipment in their kitchens. It’s tried and true and they know exactly how to use it. Sure, the benefits of a Connected Kitchen are huge, but the cost alone can make them prohibitive.

Renau’s Smart Kitchen System provides operators with another option for creating a Connected Kitchen. With the Smart Kitchen System or “SKS” you can keep your existing equipment and integrate it into a cloud based system from which you can not only monitor all of your important parameters from anywhere in the world, but also receive alerts when something is wrong. This affordable option requires only a Gateway and Wireless Sensor Module to get started. And with so many probe options from temperature, humidity, liquid level, and TDS, this system has the versatility to adapt to just about any application.

Are you ready to bring your kitchen into the future? Contact Renau today to start building your Smart Kitchen!


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