Cooking Equipment

FOCUS: Braising The Limit

Operators who use tilting braising pans swear they’re the most versatile piece of equipment in a kitchen, and you don’t have to be a pinball wizard to use them.

FOCUS: Ethnic Specialists

You’re reading more and more about the wonderful and authentic ethnic equipment designers specify today, especially in open kitchens and display cooking stations. Here’s a closer look at eight categories.

BACK STORY: Bent Shaft Causes Fryer Problems

A user issue leads to a design issue as well.

BACK STORY: Simple Solutions Do The Trick

Double-stacked combis need cleaner solutions


Cleveland/Manitowoc The PowerPan features an ultra-efficient forced-air gas power burner that allows you to switch from energy-efficient standard mode to a high-power setting for fast heat-up and recovery times. Splash-proof electronic temperature controls ensure accurate and consistent heating and worry-free cleaning. The front wall angles outward to help contents pour more easily. Bead-blasted cooking surfaces…

FOCUS: High-Efficiency Fryer Gallery

Turn here for featured high-efficiency fryers.

FOCUS: The Great High-Efficiency Fryer Challenge

The Fryer Challenge will be a comprehensive experience, with manufacturers talking about their fryers, utility test teams talking about utility and throughput performance and attendees getting hands-on with the fryers, preparing food themselves and then eating it for lunch.

Back Story

Motherboard mystery requires sleuthing

TECH REPORT: Taking Care of Steamers & Combis

When it comes to keeping steamers and combis running right, we have two words for you: water and water.

How To Speak Steamer-Ese

Types of steamers and how they operate can be somewhat confusing. Here’s a quick guide.

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