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Improving Indoor Air Quality in Today’s Kitchens

Ensuring a safe, comfortable environment for patrons and staff is especially critical for today’s restaurant operator. Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can lead to inadequate building health, cause serious health problems and, according to ASHRAE, has the potential for increased viral transmission.1 A well-designed, properly regulated ventilation system with higher amounts of fresh air and…

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Tips for Retrofitting Existing Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Systems

FAQs: Retrofitting Existing Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Systems The restaurant industry sees frequent innovation and adaptation making it a common occurrence for a new restaurant concept to launch from an existing commercial space. The commercial kitchen and ventilation system in this space needs to be properly assessed and adapted according to the new concept’s expectations, along…

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Air Now: Explore the Latest Happenings With CKV Systems

There was a time when working in the kitchen meant you were stuck in a noisy, hot, sticky environment, sometimes filled with smoke. Today, that atmosphere is no longer a necessary evil. Creating a comfortable work environment depends on a commercial kitchen ventilation system where all the parts work together, balancing and regulating airflow throughout…

How to Spec Portable Air Filtration Units

Incorporating portable air filtration units to cleanse indoor air of viral particles is recommended by organizations sharing current best practices.

Follow These Ventilation Rules

Industry pros share best practices when it comes to maintaining commercial kitchen ventilation systems.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

Improving your HVAC system on the roof, and exhaust hood in the kitchen, will help keep employees and guests safe.

Canopy Hoods: Tips on Specifying the Right Model

Canopy hood makers aim to make your kitchen more comfortable and your HVAC energy bills lower.

Maintenance Tips: 10 Pointers for Ventilation Systems

Simple knowledge enhances performance

Halton Group Acquires LCSystems, U.S. Ventilation Maker

June 30 deal broadens company’s indoor-air, exhaust technologies

Hood Care Made Easy

One of the worst things you can do is neglect your kitchen exhaust system. Here’s why, and what to do about it.

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