Ventilation’s Latest Hits

Check out the current trends in Type I ventilation hoods.

Proximity Hood Primer

Back-shelf or proximity hoods catch the smoke and grease where the action is—near the cooking surface. Ask the right questions when researching models.

Accurex Hood Handles Smoke And Fire

Designed for use over a standard 30- or 36-inch residential range, the Fire Ready Hood incorporates a UL300A-listed self-contained, commercial-style, automatic fire suppression system. If the hood temperature ....

Fab-Tastic Journey

Off-the-shelf? Or custom fabrication? Whether it’s stainless or wood, how do you sort through the myriad options?

Care And Feeding: Kitchen Exhaust

A clean hood is a happy hood, and proper care can prevent a multitude of complications, including fires.

Changing The Rules: Exhaust-Energy Limits

Kitchen exhaust codes used to focus on minimum rates and included unlisted hoods. ANSI/ASHRAE 90.1-2010 changed that—now, unlisted hoods are about to join the dinosaurs.

Anatomy Of A Hood

We show you some of the basic do's and don'ts of good commercial-kitchen-ventilation-system design in an easy-to-read photo spread.

The ABCs of CKV

Consultants offer a quick orientation on commercial kitchen ventilation, hood styles, the latest basic technologies and best-practice tips for engineering effective systems.

SPECIAL REPORT: Ventilation Gallery

Read on for details on what’s new in fast-changing world of ventilation.

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