Warming and Hot Holding Equipment

10 26 2023 FER Article
October 26, 2023

Cooking to Hold: Best Solutions and Comparisons

In the fast-paced world of foodservice, finding efficient solutions to meet peak demand can be a challenge for any operation. Enter “cooking to hold” or batch cooking, a method that helps feed your hungry guests faster and frees up your food preparation team to manage other tasks. By preparing and holding food ahead of time,…

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October 17, 2022

Why Your Commercial Kitchen Needs a Pressure Fryer and Heated Holding Cabinet

If you’re serving a chicken-heavy menu featuring items like bone-in wings or juicy tenders, you’ll love having a pressure fryer and a heated holding cabinet in your kitchen. (And if you’re not serving chicken, we’ve got four reasons you should be!) Combining a fryer and a full-size holding cabinet allows operators to implement batch cooking….

Holding 0241
April 1, 2022

Sizing Up Visual Modular Holding Cabinets

Drive-thru ordering has surged during the pandemic as more consumers opt to dine off-premise and turn to the convenient and more contactless experience of the drive-thru to get their meals to-go. The drive-thru has helped quick-service restaurants thrive over the past two years, and a host of brands outside the category—like Smokey Bones and Shake…

Vollraths Low Profile Heat Strips
December 3, 2021

1 Product, 4 Ways: Heat Strips

Many operators rely on heat strips at expediting counters, serving lines and more to keep menu items at optimal temperatures.

1221 Shelves MAIN ARTICLE Metro 90674
December 2, 2021

Hot Off the Shelf: Specifying Heated Shelving Units

Since March 2020, the continued existence—let alone health—of the restaurant industry has relied upon off-premise sales.

1221 Microwaves MAIN ARTICLE ACP HDC MDC DEC doorOpen cake
December 2, 2021

Today’s Multitasking Microwave Ovens

For many operators, the pandemic showed how indispensable a microwave oven can be as a piece of cooking equipment in its own right.

May 7, 2021

Why Holding Equipment is Vital to the “New Normal” in Foodservice

Holding cabinets can play a significant role in helping maintain food safety levels.

FER Magazine Soup Warmers
January 1, 2021

1 Product, 4 Ways: Soup Warmers

The latest selection of soup warmers for foodservice come in many types and sizes.

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