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If you haven’t done so, get your form for Foodservice Equipment Reports' new dealer survey in right now. The deadline was last Friday, April 1, but many of you were at the FEDA Annual Convention. And so were we. So please get it in now, as we will begin sorting the data this week. Remember, this is for a new ranking of foodservice equipment and supplies dealers we will publish in our June issue.

Our intention is to create a credible body of data that will help our more than 20,000 multiunit operator and consultant subscribers understand the scope and service offerings of dealers, as well as provide a base for trend analysis of the dealer community. Because of our audience and the need for credible data, we will insist that all ranked dealers verify their volume through the signature of a certified public or independent accountant.

We will rank only the top 50 dealers that verify their volume. But we will publish information on all dealers that provide verification. This isn’t only about or for big dealers.

We will estimate volume for larger dealers that do not report and publish data for dealers that report but do not verify. But only those verifying volume will be ranked, and we will detail service offerings only from those that verify.

If you can’t find the survey we sent earlier, you can download it from our website here.

If you have questions once you receive the survey, call Robin Ashton at 847/910-5163 or e-mail me at Thanks for your help.



Robin Ashton


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