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Savings As Simple As 1-2-3 With 1814

Frymaster 1814 Fryers (gas and electric) offer a trio of savings: oil, energy, and space. The 1814 gas fryers have a Thermo-Tube heat transfer system which uses 6-in. vs. 4-in. tubes to provide superior heat-to-oil transfer and use more than 50% less energy than standard large-capacity fryers. The 1814 electric fryers have flat-bar, low-watt-density, ribbon-type, self-standing elements that transfer 89% of the heat into the oil. When compared to traditionally sized high-production electric fryers, the energy savings is 30%. All 1814 models with SMART4U Lane controllers exceed ENERGY STAR guidelines qualifying for energy saving rebates. Two 1814s replace the capacity of three standard 50-lb. fryers. That’s up to 15% less space. Add that to less oil and less energy, and the savings quickly multiply.

Frymaster/Manitowoc Foodservice

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