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Working On Your 2014 Budget? FER’s Complete 2014 E&S Forecast Package, With Update, Can Help

Foodservice Equipment Reports’ entire 2014 forecast package is available for just $1,295. It includes eight PowerPoint decks covering data and analysis of macro-economic, operator and materials-price trends as they impact the foodservice E&S market, as well as exclusive information on E&S manufacturer list-price trends from AutoQuotes Inc. FER’s annual rankings of the top U.S. E&S manufacturers are updated. Additional data, buying group analysis and a full-ranking of dealers based on FER’s annual Top Dealers Report also is presented. The merger and acquisition activity in both communities is detailed.

Not least, the package includes our hard-number forecasts of the E&S market in for the rest of’13, ’14 and out through ’17. We detail the longer-term forecasts by product categories as well as overall industry growth.

Since the presentations were produced in early August, we have included a ninth presentation which updates operator and E&S market data through mid-September and acts as an overview of the entire forecast.

Information is available by emailing Robin Ashton at or Christine Palmer at

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FER’s Complete 2014 E&S Forecast Available To Help With Your Budget And Strategic Planning

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