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Rinse Your Rutabagas And Sanitize Your Strawberries

The Produce Soak represents a solution for efficient and thorough power-assisted washing of your fruits and vegetables while ensuring the sanitation for all produce items in the kitchen. Free-flowing water removes soils from hard-to-reach areas on produce, and easy-to-use self-loading baskets make removal of produce from the Produce Soak a simple, efficient and ergonomic task. When used with a proper antimicrobial fruit and vegetable wash product, you can achieve even greater safety levels and increase shelf life by reducing pathogen levels. Also choose a wash product that requires no rinsing and is FDA and EPA approved for both whole and cut produce and fruit washing. The Produce Soak will save your operation time and labor that can be allocated to other tasks.
Power Soak/Unified Brands
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Coronavirus Updates