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GALLERY: Combi Ovens

There are more than 20 makers of combi ovens. For the purposes of our Combi Oven Gallery, we are only including models that have been introduced at or after the National Restaurant Association Show 2012. Please note that several manufacturers not included here (see sidebar in this month’s FER Focus) are introducing new models this year, but the product information was not available at press time.

Alto-Shaam’s CT PROformance Combitherm Oven is a versatile alternative to a convection oven, kettle, steamer, fryer, smoker and dehydrator. With its new PROpower setting, the oven operates up to 20% faster in “turbo” mode compared with other combi ovens and up to 80% faster than conventional technology, according to the company. An expanded temperature range up to 575°F shortens preheat times and recovery between loads. The unit’s Absolute Humidity Control lets you select a precise humidity level from 0%-100%, maximizing food quality, texture and yield. SafeVent automatically evacuates the oven cavity after cooking to prevent you from getting burned when you open the CoolTouch3 safety door, which uses triple-pane glass to keep heat inside the oven and the door cool to the touch. Six sizes are available in electric or gas models.

BKI’s CombiKing Mini combi oven gives you the flexibility to use moist heat, dry heat or a combination to produce optimal cooking conditions for a variety of foods. The unit’s 4 cooking modes are: steam (122°F-518°F), convection (122°F-572°F), combination (122°F-518°F) and rethermalization (122°F-356°F). SteamTuner and Meteo System features constantly monitor and fine-tune oven and product conditions, ensuring an optimal balance between heat and humidity. Select humidity levels from 0%-100%, and the quick-response system generates the right amount of steam without the deliming and maintenance issues associated with traditional boiler systems. The 31 1/5-in.H x 20 2/5-in.W x 34 1/5-in.D unit comes with a color touchscreen control with a capacity of 200 programs and up to 9 steps per program. The units are available in boiler and boilerless models in 6- and 10-pan capacities.

Electrolux Professional’s boilerless air-o-convect allows you to poach, stew, braise, roast and bake. With 11 humidity settings, the oven guarantees humidity maintenance without a steam generator. The dry-heat convection cycle (77°F-572°F) is ideal for low-humidity baking. The Touchline display panel highlights a user-friendly, scratch-resistant touch screen that can choose among 30 languages. Save, transfer, replicate or email up to 1,000 personal recipes with a USB connection. A sensor probe ensures core temperature measurement, and the air-o-clean fully automatic cleaning system eliminates the risk of leaving chemical residues in the cooking chamber. The gas and electric models feature 304 stainless throughout.

Lang’s C2.06 and CPE2.06 series combi ovens feature several cooking modes, including hot air (86°F-572°F), injection steam (86°F-266°F), 10-step CombiSmart humidity control (86°F-572°F), cook and regeneration (86°F-356°F) and proofing (86°F-104°F). Both series come with the CombiWash fully automatic cleaning system. The C series is equipped with a user-friendly digital display and operated with a rotary dial; the ovens have a 50-recipe memory, each with up to 10 steps. The CPE series is a fully programmable line that features an easy-to-read and operate push-button panel and touch-screen display; the ovens hold up to 500 recipes, each with up to 15 steps. The CPE ovens also include ClimaOptima automatic humidity control, USB connectivity and HACCP quality control. The gas and electric models measure 31 1/3-in.H x 44 1/5-in.W x 37 2/5-in.D.

Piper Products’ Naboo features one-touch cooking with its Interactive Cooking System, an automatic system for Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Asian, German and international recipes, including their respective history, ingredients, procedures, automatic cooking programs and plate presentations. A Wi-Fi connection or Ethernet card lets the Naboo access the Cloud, which contains all of the content you need to create each dish, backs up all of your settings and customizations and allows you to share content across several devices. The manual-cooking feature has 3 cooking modes: convection from 86°F-572°F, steam from 86°F-266°F and combination convection/steam from 86°F-572°F. Based on the quantity and type of food, the Ecospeed feature optimizes and controls energy delivery and maintains correct cooking temperature, preventing any fluctuation. Similarly, the Ecovapor feature produces only the necessary amount of steam, reducing energy and steam by 10% and water by 30% compared with traditional combi ovens. Six sizes are available in electric or gas models.

Rational’s SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency allows you to fry, roast, grill, steam, bake and more in a single self-cleaning piece of equipment. HiDensityControl allows you to load up to 30% more food into the same-size cooking cabinet, reduces energy consumption by up to 20% and cuts production time by up to 30% compared with a kitchen that doesn’t use a combi unit. Efficient LevelControl intelligently adjusts the cooking time depending upon load size as well as how often and how long the door is left open. Humidification varies in 3 stages from 86°F-500°F in hot air or a combination. Simple to operate with 7 cooking modes, the oven continually learns and automatically adjusts to your individual use pattern. Six sizes are available in electric or gas models.

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