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PRODUCTS: May 2014

The smell was just too much. Charles Wilkerson, assistant director of engineering, Hyatt Hotels Corp., needed a solution to combat the odors coming from food-waste compost bins on the loading dock of the Hyatt Regency Bellevue Hotel, Bellevue, Wash. The 732-room hotel was recycling almost all of its kitchen waste, but processing the compost was becoming expensive, time consuming and unpleasant to deal with. Several times a day, foodservice staff collected food waste, hauled it to the loading dock and tossed it in a recycling bin. The hotel had contracted an organic-compost company to pick up and recycle the food waste twice a week. Representatives from Waste to Water LLC, Wethersfield, Conn., contacted Wilkerson to see if the hotel would be interested in trying the manufacturer’s BIO-EZ organic-waste disposal system. A self-contained, continual-feed disposal system, the unit biologically converts solid food waste into an odor-free, nutrient-rich liquid that safely can be disposed of through existing sewer systems. In November 2013, Wilkerson installed the largest of the three BIO-EZ models, the BIO-EZ XL with a capacity of 1,500 lb./day. The unit accelerates natural decomposition by maintaining optimal levels of aeration, moisture and temperature and adds microorganisms to speed the process. An integrated shredder helps the disposal system break down almost any food product, except for big bones and large loads of yeast-based products, such as bread and noodles, that can be harmful to the microorganisms, Wilkerson says. The unit is low maintenance, only requiring an occasional rinse with a hose, and very quiet. He estimates the kitchen puts about 250-300 lb./day of food waste into the unit. The BIO-EZ has reduced the kitchen’s compost by 80% and is saving the hotel $1,000/month in hauling and recycling fees.


The SRG-400 compact, gas-fired, wood-burning smoker has a 400-lb. capacity; the unit fits through a standard 36-in. doorway and under a standard-depth hood, allowing it to be placed in almost any existing location. Stainless construction, a 2-speed convection fan system, 7 nickel-chrome flat racks (with capacity for 27 at 1/5-in. increments), 2-in.-thick insulated wall construction and removable rack slides are standard. The adjustable moisture-infusion system and digital cook-and-hold controls help you deliver perfectly smoked foods. The air delivery system is a combination of a 2-speed convection fan sending air over a wood-burning firebox and channels designed to direct the convected air for even temperature and airflow throughout the cabinet. An optional pass-through upgrade lets you load and unload product from either side.
Southern Pride


Model DDM-01 Laser Distance Meter offers quick measurement of distances up to 229.7 ft. with the click of a button. The unit calculates area and volume measurements from what it records and uses the Pythagorean theorem to indirectly calculate the height of an object. The meter can produce results in feet, inches or meters and includes a backlight for use in dark areas.
Dwyer Instruments


Thermodyne’s Fluid Shelf system continuously circulates fluid through each anodized aluminum shelf in a hot cabinet to distribute gentle, low-temperature heat to foods through conduction. Foods won’t overcook or dry out. Even if you open and close the door continuously, the foods maintain temperature because the heat is contained in the shelves. You can cook, hold and retherm multiple menu items simultaneously. Each shelf can hold up to 50 lb. of product. The technology has been adapted for more than 20 cabinet models, from half- and full-size floor units to countertop models with shelves or pullout drawers to cabinet-base units with hot wells on top.
Thermodyne Foodservice Products


American Metalcraft’s rapidly expanding line of miniware for tastings and individual servings now boasts more than 80 products. The company’s most recent addition is the “Oscar,” a mini trash can. In brushed stainless, the serving piece features ribbed sides to mimic the look of “Sesame Street’s” Oscar the Grouch trash-can habitat. The perfectly replicated lid, which is sold separately, provides the finishing touch. Just 3 3/4-in. in dia. x 3 1/2-in.H, the mini trash can is the ideal size for appetizers, sides, desserts and buffet items. It’s great forkid’s meals, too.
American Metalcraft


The new tabletop Robot Coupe CL51 Vegetable Prep Processor is designed to process fruits and vegetables for 20-300 meals per service. Practical output for the CL51 is 10 lb. of produce/hr. The CL52 has 2 hoppers, which consistently process all fruits and vegetables, including fragile and delicate produce. The processor’s kidney-shaped feed tube will hold up to 7 tomatoes for processing; use the cylindrical feed tube to uniformly cut veggies that are long and thin. The CL51 provides processing versatility with 52 stainless discs available to slice, ripple-cut, grate, julienne, dice and French fry in an assortment of thicknesses and sizes.
Robot Coupe USA


The Caf. Oasis Hybrid coffee pod and condiment station features a tray that holds up to 24 pods, a built-in cord-management system for the coffee maker (not included) and up to 2 Caf. Sidebars for sugars, creamers and other coffee condiments. Caf. Sidebar is a separate add-on that includes 5 removable dividers to create multiple variations of caddy sections; additional units are sold separately. The tray and sidebar are top-shelf dishmachine safe. The black tray has a wood-grain texture; custom colors are available upon request. Additional Caf. Cabana stackable trays hold larger quantities of pods.
Limitless Innovations


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