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GALLERY: Hot Holding Cabinets

Alto-Shaam's smallest and newest 300-S hot holding cabinet holds 3 full-size (12-in.W x 20-in.D x 2.-in.H) steam pans. Halo Heat technology keeps up to 36 lb. of food gently warm between 60˚F-200˚F without steam or fans. The portable holding cabinet measures only 177/16-in.W x 253/8-in.D x 183/8-in.H and fits in any kitchen. The cabinet comes standard with digital controls that sense rapid changes in oven temperature and immediately begin compensating for heat loss. A large digital readout ensures holding at the optimal temperature. The solid, stainless door and interior resist corrosion.

Cambro’s electric Combo Cart Plus features a durable, one-piece molded polyethylene body filled with polyurethane foam insulation that holds food safely between 150˚F-165˚F for 4+ hr. unplugged. The gasketless design holds heat while allowing steam or high pressure to escape; the polyethylene keeps food naturally moist without a water pan. Both low and tall models have 16-ga. stainless rails. At 27 5/8-in.W x 33½-in.D x 65 7/8-in.H, the tall model highlights 2 compartments so you can use both for hot holding or use the top for hot holding and the bottom for cold holding simply by not turning on the door-mounted heater.

Carter-Hoffmann’s HL10 Series hotLOGIX holding cabinets can hold and proof. The all-stainless cabinets feature a double-panel stainless door (or optional glass Dutch doors, shown) and top-mounted controls for heat and humidity (separate), as well as a low-water light, low-temperature alarm and auto-fill connection. Because the water reservoir is located away from the food zone, it stays free of debris and is easy to clean. Available in 4 heights between 33½- and 76 3/8-in., the cabinets are 28-in.W and 33 1/16-in.D and capable of heating to 200˚F.

Cres Cor’s hybrid heated hot cabinet—the HotCube3—features 3 forms of power: electric, propane and solar. You can serve food safely and economically outdoors without a generator. The fully insulated, ¾-size cabinet switches easily from indoor use powered by a standard 120V outlet to outdoor use on a 1-lb. propane tank delivering 8,000 Btu of heat. The unit allows 8 hr. of unplugged hold time up to 200˚F. A built-in optional solar panel recharges the solid-state digital controls for precise temperature settings in any outdoor location.

With an aluminum interior and exterior, Eagle Group’s full-size Panco Transport Heated/Proofing Cabinets feature a patented Temp-Gard airflow design that keeps internal air temperature consistent up to 200˚F. A digital control system with an easy-touch front control panel and liquid-crystal display lets you adjust air temperature and humidity. The system includes an overheat caution alarm and auto reset. The 76½-in.H, 31 7/8-in.W cabinets can hold humidity levels for up to 4 hr. without a reservoir refill. The bottom-mounted control panel and heating system can be removed easily for cleaning or servicing.

FWE’s new Clymate IQ PHTT-1220-8 uses the Precision Humidity Temperature Technology found in the full-size PHTT mobile heated holding cabinets but in a compact design. This lightweight version is easy to transport and gives you hot holding storage below counters or on countertops. The unit, 36-in.H x 18-in.W, is all-stainless (20-ga. exterior) and fully insulated. C-channel racks accommodate 8 12-in. x 20-in. standard pans. Moisture and temperature controls through a top-mounted heat system can be set between 90˚F-200˚F with varying humidity. A blower directs “push-pull” airflow to gently circulate heat and humidity evenly throughout the cabinet. Airflow also aids in a speedy recovery time back to set temperature and humidity level after doors have been opened.

Hatco’s energy-efficient Flav-R-Savor Portable Holding Cabinet keeps prepared foods at optimum serving temperatures for hours. The electronic thermostatically controlled heat and humidity allows you to prepare food in advance of peak serving periods. Available with 1 door or 2 for pass-through, 3 models come standard with 4-in.-dia. casters, 7 sets of adjustable rack slides and a 1-gal.-capacity water chamber. Featuring an all-stainless interior, the cabinets have an electronic control with digital readout, a temperature range of 80˚F-200˚F and high-efficiency humidity control.

Lockwood’s CA74-PFIN-PT-R Pass-Thru Hot-Stor Proof/Hold Cabinet comes with your choice of solid insulated aluminum or clear polycarbonate Dutch doors. With temperature adjustable to 180˚F, the aluminum cabinet features a digital thermometer and removable heating unit for easy maintenance and repair. New fin-style elements disperse heat more evenly and effectively while a blower fan helps provide uniform heat distribution throughout the cabinet. Exterior-mounted controls facilitate temperature or humidity management without the need to open the cabinet door. The pass-through cabinet lets you load food into the kitchen side and then remove it from the front of the house. Dimensions are 26 7/8-in.W x 36-in.D. x 75 3/8-in.H.

Metro C5 T-Series Heated Transport Cabinets specifically are designed to transfer hot food from a central kitchen to satellite locations. The cabinets’ Transport Armour—featuring stainless construction with foamed-in-place insulation—make them a great solution for heavy-duty, over-the-road applications. Designed with durability, efficiency and intelligence in mind, the cabinets’ heat-retention capabilities keep food safe and out of the danger zone for more than 5 hr. when the units are unplugged. Available in 4 heights between 48.63 and 73.88 in., all of the cabinets are 30-in.W and 39¼-in.D.

Vulcan’s VBP18 Heated Holding Cabinet, the latest addition to the company’s Institutional Series, has top-mounted controls and heating elements with an airflow system that maximizes heat distribution. At 73½-in.H, the tallest cabinet in the VBP Series features Dutch doors and can hold 18 sheet pans or 36 2½-in. steam-table pans. Fully insulated, the cabinets are made of 20-ga. stainless. The control panel contains a heating indicator light, analog thermometer and full-range thermostat for temperatures up to 190˚F. Optional features include field-reversible doors, perimeter bumpers, a lifetime element warranty and a humidity pan.

Winston’s HMA018 Holding Cabinet with patented CVap technology is designed to easily transport food while keeping it hot and ready to serve. The Food Temp Dial allows precise control of food temperature from 90˚F-180˚F; the Food Texture Dial maintains just-cooked texture with settings labeled proof, very moist, firm moist and crisp. The fully insulated, stainless cabinet features 5-in. casters, recessed handles and an extended handle on the back to facilitate push-pull mobility. Ten adjustable universal rack supports hold a capacity of 10 sheet pans or 20 steam-table pans for maximum serving capability. Dimensions are 29½-in.W x 39-in.D. x 66½-in.H.

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