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Serve Up Comfort, Creativity With Tomlinson’s New Sizes In Cast Iron

Tomlinson introduces new sizes to its complete line of pre-seasoned cast iron pieces. Servers are available in 8-, 12- and 18-oz sizes in three shapes: rectangular (10-in. long by 4 1/2-in wide), round (6 1/2-in diameter) and oval (9 3/4-in. long by 6-in. wide). Also added are 6-in. and 4-in. round cast iron pots with lids and 2 handles as well as 10 1/4-in. and 7 1/2-in. round deep-dish dinner platters. Tomlinson also offers a complete line of pre-seasoned cast iron skillets, griddles and fry pans. Many of these have matching underliners available.
Tomlinson Industries
NRA Booth #6834

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