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Standex Buys Tri-Star

Standex Int’l. has acquired Tri-Star Manufacturing Co., the Santa Ana, Calif., maker of ranges, fryers, griddles, convection ovens, salamanders, charbroilers and hot plates. The acquisition boosts Standex Food Service Equipment Group’s strategic goal of offering a broader cooking line and entering the freestanding range market, according to Standex Pres. and CEO Roger Fix. "The Tri-Star line affords us the opportunity to expand our primary cooking product offering, including high-quality restaurant-series and value-series range platforms along with important cooking equipment accessories. In addition to being the third-largest cooking product segment, ranges are seen as the focal point of the commercial kitchen. As a result, we see entering the freestanding range market as a strategic imperative. We look forward to continuing to consolidate the market and to taking an increasingly greater leadership position in the food service equipment industry."

Tri-Star joins APW Wyott, Bakers Pride, Bevles and BKI in the Standex Cooking Solutions Group, headed by Pres. E.J. Morrow, who said Tri-Star will share those brands’ distribution channels to generate sales for new products. “We also see potential to bring more value to our relationships with key distribution partners and large national accounts,” he added. “Finally, Tri-Star products, such as open pot fryers and other key traditional cooking accessories, enable us to fill gaps in our cooking product line to better serve the market."

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