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Mixer Mania: 60-Qt. Floor Mixers


Axis’s 60-qt.  AX-M60 is an advanced-design, highly reliable, professional food-processing tool ideal for mixing all types of doughs, batters, eggs, creams, etc. This all-purpose mixer employs a powerful 3-hp motor driving a robust planetary gear mixing action through a 3-speed transmission to thoroughly blend, mix and aerate all ingredients with consistent and predictable results.  AX-M60 boasts an interlocked safety guard to prevent operation when user opens front portion of guard, a digital 30-min.  Timer, and quiet operation.  Unit’s construction features high-quality aluminum alloy to ensure it meets maximum hygiene standards.

Presented by Belshaw Adamatic, Esmach’s SPI spiral mixer, with a capacity of 63.4 qt.  (60 liters), offers superior quality kneading and modern design. Strengths include transmission to spiral arm and bowl by means of pulley and V-belts; a control panel that rotates right and left up to 120°; transparent lid for food contact that complies with safety regulations; and an optimum balance between the bowl rotation and the spiral arm to enable an ideal flow of kneading. A scratch resistant, flat-cover lid made of 2 separate sections makes for easy inspection and maintenance of mechanical parts.  Unit has a 1 3/4-hp motor, measures 18 7/10-in.W x 31-in.D x 54¼-in.H, offers 100/200 rpm (spiral arm) and 10/20 rpm (bowl), and comes with a 1-yr.  Parts-and-labor warranty.  Electrical is 208/60/3.

Blakeslee’s DD60 series 60-qt.  Mixers have a heavy-duty, 2-speed or 4-speed transmission with positive drive and a planetary mixing action to ensure uniform, thorough mixing of all ingredients.  Mixer transmits power to the planetary gear through specially designed spiral-beveled gears.  An exclusive interlocking system prevents mixer from being started accidentally when speed selection is in the neutral position.  An auxiliary drive for operating a variety of optional attachments comes standard.  Power bowl lift comes optional.  DD series mixers are ideal for a wide range of users including pizza operations, commercial bakeries and regular kitchen operations.  Model DD60V sports a 3-hp motor.

Doyon’s AEF025 54-qt.  Spiral mixer has a 4-hp motor, one of the highest hp in its category.  It has a superior torque transmission with 9 programmable speed settings and can automatically switch speed.  Non-slipping belt provides durability for tough mixes.  The scientifically designed hook creates a superior mix, even at low capacity.  The bowl’s center core features a design that reduces friction, facilitates water absorption and prevents dough from overheating for longer yeast viability and better gluten development.  Unit measures 18 7/8-in.W x 32 3/4-in.D x 42 1/4-in.H and electrical is 208-240/50-60/1.  Mixer comes with a 2-yr.-parts, 1-yr.-labor limited warranty.  Safety guard, bowl and mixing tool—all stainless—come standard.

Globe’s lineup of 60-qt.  Planetary mixers provides solutions to any operator’s needs.  Choose from 3 models: the SP60 has 3-speeds with a manual bowl lift for general purpose applications; the SP62P works well for pizza dough applications, has 2 speeds and power bowl lift; and the SP62P-4 has 4 speeds for multipurpose applications and a power bowl lift.  Touting a 3-hp custom-built motor, these mixers come equipped with a direct gear transmission, front-mounted controls with a 60-min.  Digital timer, a bowl truck, bowl guard with built-in ingredient chute, standard attachments and 2-yr. parts-and-labor warranty.

Hobart has designed the Legacy HL600 60-qt.  Mixer for continuous use, making it one of the few true heavy-duty mixers in the industry.  The planetary mixer features a variable frequency drive that improves food and mixer performance, while also protecting the motor from overloading.  It operates by controlling the frequency and voltage of the electrical current reaching the 2.7-hp motor and monitoring the speed of the drive controller to ensure steady speeds and high torque for consistent mixing.  Shift-on-the-Fly technology allows the user to safely change mixing speeds while the mixer is running to improve productivity.

Boasting a powerful 4-hp motor, Omcan’s 60-qt.  Heavy-duty planetary mixer with guard and timer has a 3-speed, gear-driven transmission making it easy to mix ingredients.  Choose 396, 275, or 119 rpm.  The large bowl capacity and high-speed setting enables users to complete mixing in the shortest possible amount of time.  The unit also comes complete with a paddle, wire whip, hook and stainless bowl.  Features such as stainless guard and overload protection switch add safety.  The stainless bowl guard prevents foreign objects from falling into the bowl while in operation.  Unit has a gray-coated finish.

Thunderbird’s 60-qt.  ARM-60 is a heavy-duty, all-purpose mixer that uses a powerful, planetary mixing action to thoroughly blend, mix and aerate all ingredients with consistent and predictable results.  The wide-faced, hardened alloy steel helical gears deliver energy at pre-selected fixed speeds.  Mixer has a 4-hp motor. Choose from a selection of optional bowls to provide additional capacity and flexibility.  The heavy-duty, stainless, wire front bowl guard opens easily for adding ingredients.  Bowl guard interlock prevents mixer from running if user opens guard or lowers bowl.  Unit features moisture-resistant switches and no-volt release, which prevents activation of the mixer in case of power interruption.  It has a 99-min.  Timer that automatically shuts off the machine in any speed after the predetermined time has elapsed.

Univex’s 60-qt.  Planetary mixer SRM60 sports a 3-hp capacitor start motor and variable speed drive (4 fixed speeds or any speed in-between).  Change speeds without having to stop the mixer.  Other highlights include a 15-min.  Timer; 2-piece, stainless, dishmachine-safe safety guard; and hardened alloy gears in the transmission. Interlock switches protect user from injury if they open the safety guard or lower the bowl.  Bowl lift includes an ergonomic hand-operated crank, self-locking in top and bottom positions.  Mixer sports a durable hybrid epoxy/polyester powder-coat finish.  Low-voltage protection prevents accidental start-up after power failure.

Ergo60 60-qt.  Planetary mixer is for frequent use where ergonomics and consistency are a priority.  Ergo models don’t require the user to remove the attachments; these tall mixers lower the bowl enough so it clears attachments when it’s time to roll it out from the mixer.  The powerful 4-hp motor and inverter allow for variable speeds (53 rpm-288 rpm) while mixing; mixer uses a variable frequency drive with belt transmission.  Control panel offers 20 programs integrating automatic bowl clenching and lift before—and lowering and unclenching after—each program. Unit comes in powder-coat white or stainless with smooth surfaces uninterrupted by bolts or overlapping panels guaranteeing ease of cleaning and prohibiting the build-up of debris.  Unit measures 29 4/5-in.W x 40 3/5-in.D x 72-in.H and comes with a limited 2-yr.  Parts-and-labor warranty.  Electrical is 208/60/3.  Standard accessories are dough hook, paddle, heavy-duty whisk, ingredient chute and bowl—all in stainless.

Vollrath’s MIX1060 60-qt.  Planetary mixer features a 3-speed, belt-driven gear transmission for years of trouble-free operation.  A safety-cut switch temporarily interrupts power if the user attempts to change gears without turning it off first, prolonging the mixer’s life.  A 30-min.  Timer stops the mixer when the timer ends. This 2-hp mixer comes standard with a dough hook, wire whisk, spatula, a sturdy stainless mixing bowl and a safety guard to handle any mixing task.  Its convenient bowl truck makes transporting a breeze.  A #12 hub can accommodate an optional meat grinder or vegetable slicer attachments, enabling increased flexibility and versatility.

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