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The Worldwide Buyers Guide is the most comprehensive E&S manufacturer and product listing of its kind. We have included more than 5,000 total companies that represent 58 countries and 785 different product categories.

If you need it and want to know who makes it, you can find it in the Buyers Guide. We've worked with suppliers to verify as much of the information as possible. If you discover a company with incorrect information email

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Signs may soon ask employees to wash, dry and scan their hands. In two seconds, PathSpot uses light florescence spectroscopy, an imaging technique borrowed from healthcare, to detect contaminants that spread illnesses. It also collects data to tell you how well, often and effectively your team’s hand-washing practices are. PathSpot /

Product Roundup: High-Tech Sanitation

These high-tech sanitation devices aim to offer added defense against viruses and other contaminants.

Today’s carts for foodservice meet the needs of operators during the pandemic and beyond.

1 Product, 4 Ways: Carts

Today’s carts for foodservice meet the needs of operators during the pandemic and beyond.

Knowing your menu and capacity will help you select the best bowl size for your three-compartment sink. What you’re cooking dictates what types of wares you’ll wash, and you’ll need a bowl size large enough to completely submerge them. Courtesy of Advance Tabco.

How To Specify a Three-Compartment Sink

Study materials, construction and bowl sizes when specifying an off-the-shelf three-compartment sink.