Gabriel Group Adds to Its Portfolio

The new addition helps round out the firm’s “comprehensive line offering” for distributors, consultants, end-users and more.

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Courtesy of Chris Liverani on Unsplash.

Manufacturers’ representative Gabriel Group has a new client in Dormont, a maker of gas hoses, accessories, connectors and more.

Gabriel Group will represent Export, Pa.-based Dormont in Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

“Dormont fits hand and glove with our gas equipment offering.”

“We are honored to be bringing in a best-in-class supplier like Dormont to our offering,” says Tim Oehler, general manager and director of sales for Gabriel Group. “Dormont has been the go-to brand for gas hoses forever and their name is synonymous with quality. Dormont fits hand and glove with our gas equipment offering.”


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