San Diego Bans Polystyrene Foam

San Diego polystyrene foam 1200x800 1
San Diego joins more than 130 California cities in banning polystyrene foam. San Diego's ban goes into effect April 1. Courtesy of Oliur on Unsplash.

San Diego restaurants soon will no longer be able to hand out Styrofoam food containers after the city became the latest to say so long to polystyrene foam.

On Nov. 15, the San Diego City Council passed legislation on a 7-1 vote to ban plastic foam containers, coolers and pool toys, effective April 1. The ban also requires restaurants and food delivery services to provide plastic straws and utensils by customer request only.

The city cites environmental concerns as the reason for the ban, noting that polystyrene foam isn’t easily recyclable and can end up in the environment as litter, possibly harming wildlife. Plastic straws, the city says, also are a “significant contributor” to marine pollution and are the most common form of litter found on California beaches.

San Diego joins more than 130 other California cities in banning polystyrene products. Los Angeles is expected to follow suit later this month.



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