What Kind of Commercial Fryer is Best for Me?

10 16 2023 FER Branded Article Oct 9th

In the bustling world of foodservice, the right equipment is the key to success. Especially when it comes to commercial fryers, where the choice can significantly impact the efficiency of your kitchen and the quality of your food.

Understanding Your Needs

The needs of your commercial kitchen and your desired food quality are the primary considerations when selecting frying equipment. Different kitchens and foods require different types of fryers. Here’s a closer look at the most popular commercial fryers and their best uses:

Countertop Fryers

Countertop fryers are compact, designed to sit neatly on countertops. While ideal for spaces like small food trucks or concession stands, these fryers do have their limitations:


Great for establishments with limited space, capable of cooking small servings, and are a cost-effective solution.


Limited capacity, longer recovery times, not suited for continuous use, possible safety hazards, occupy counter space, might lack advanced features, frequent oil changes needed, and can elevate the kitchen’s ambient temperature.

Despite the challenges, for small businesses with occasional frying needs or those wanting to add a fried delicacy to their menu without heavy investment, countertop fryers could be the right fit.

Flat Bottom Fryers

Specific foods, such as doughnuts or funnel cakes, need special care, and that’s where flat bottom fryers shine:

Ideal for light-battered foods and unique delicacies.

Susceptible to sediment build-up, not fit for heavily breaded items, limited volume capabilities, and faster oil degradation.

The key with flat bottom fryers is to match them to the right foods – those that don’t shed excessive sediment.

Traditional Open Fryers

The versatility of traditional open fryers makes them a staple in many commercial kitchens.

Wide range of options, efficient oil management in premium models, increased throughput, crispier product.

Some brands do not include built-in filtration systems on their standard models.
All Henny Penny fryers come standard with built-in filtration.

Successful foodservice brands like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, KFC, and Arby’s all fry with Henny Penny. Book a demo today and find out why.

To learn more about why you might choose a Henny Penny open fryer, click here. Or, use the Find Your Fryer tool to find the ideal equipment solution for your operation.

Pressure Fryers

For high-volume kitchens with the right menu items, pressure fryers are a game-changer.

Faster, high-volume cooking, excess oil is sealed out of product, efficient frying at lower temperatures, ideal for extra tender, juicy and flavorful fried chicken.

Not suited for freezer-to-fryer products cooked in smaller batch sizes, like French fries, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, etc. Although Henny Penny pressure fryers use less energy to cook at lower temperatures, ENERGY STAR does not currently rate commercial pressure fryers.

Curious about why a Henny Penny pressure fryer might be your kitchen’s missing piece? Find out more here. For a deeper dive, explore Henny Penny pressure frying blogs.

Find Your Fryer

Every commercial kitchen has unique needs. Whether you are looking to serve the crispiest fries or the fluffiest doughnuts, the right fryer can make all the difference. To ensure you make the best choice for your kitchen, use Henny Penny’s Find Your Fryer tool – your shortcut to frying excellence.

 Happy Frying!



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