With Art Immersion, Kura Sushi Differentiates New Global Flagship

The store, opening April 25, offers a new way to order and interact with the brand.

Kura Koedo2
Kura Sushi's new flagship store in Ginza, Tokyo, includes a space coined “Kura Koedo,” a food stall environment inspired by Utagawa Hiroshige’s artwork. Photos Courtesy of Kura Sushi.

Kura Sushi’s newest global flagship store in Ginza, set to open April 25, marks the brand’s sixth global flagship store in Japan, but it’s the first to feature a few design elements.

For one, this is the first Kura Sushi to feature “Kura Koedo,” a space inspired by the ukiyo-e artist Utagawa Hiroshige’s woodblock prints capturing scenes of Edo (Tokyo during the Edo period, 1603-1868). Here, chefs at three food stalls will prep made-to-order sushi, tempura and skewered rice dumplings. Hiroshige’s print, “Famous Views of the Eastern Capital, Amusements While Waiting for the Moon on the Twenty-sixth Night at Takanawa,” also decorates Kura Sushi’s other global flagship stores, but the added space in Ginza adds an immersive effect.

Further, the brand’s trademark revolving conveyor belt is longer here than at any other store.

Kura Sushi Global Flagship Store Ginza1

The interior of Kura Sushi’s newest store, produced by Japan-based creative director Kashiwa Sato, has a modern Japanese design and 242 seats.

Beyond its brand-specific store-to-store differentiators, the chain also says it is the first major conveyor-belt sushi chain to open in the Ginza area, which includes several fine dining establishments.

Kura Sushi, founded in 1977, has over 500 locations across Japan, Taiwan and the United States.


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