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Articles by Michael Sherer


Reaching For Cool

Reach-in refrigerators are mainstays in any back-of-house; they keep the day’s menu ingredients at hand. Start with a reliable brand with a solid service network, then narrow your model search by capacity, refrigeration system types, and controls and construction details.

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Farmers Restaurant Group

Energy Smart

Whether you want to save the planet or simply save a few bucks, becoming more energy efficient is a good place to start. Operators who’ve been there tell you how.

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Hoshizaki Ice Maker

Cold Mine

There’s cold in them there continuous ice makers, and that’s gold in terms of energy savings, beverage profits and customer satisfaction

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Beer larger

Beer Fizz-ics

Simple laws of physics govern draft beer dispensing; here’s what you need to know to spec a system that will work and save you money.

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Carpigiani batch freezer

Freeze Frame

Batch freezers can help you capitalize on the artisan gelato trend and make a variety of other profitable frozen sweet treats, too.

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Coffee brewer

Big Brew Ha-Ha

Coffee, in case you hadn't noticed, is more popular than ever. You may need a bigger brewer to keep it flowing for your customers.
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Blender Splendor

Sure, they can chop, grate, grind and shred, but beverage blenders, from basic bar backs to programmable powerhouses, are designed to make the perfect drink.
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Frying Game

Electric fryers are so energy efficient that Energy Star is raising the stakes by which models qualify on October 1. Here’s what to look for when specifying a model—now and going forward.
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From Factory To Kitchen

There are many ways to buy equipment and supplies. Each channel offers its own benefits, and which path you choose will vary from one piece of equipment to the next. Turn here to learn how to navigate your way.
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Cold To Go

Adding grab-and-go to your menu mix isn’t quite as easy as plugging in a refrigerated display case. Here’s what you need to know before you spec a model.
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