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3 Ways Restaurants Can Fight Inflation with A Commercial Fryer

Record high inflation, rising food, labor, and utility costs along with ongoing staffing shortages are leading many restaurant operators to wonder if a recession is looming. There’s no question about it. Food prices are soaring. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the food index shot up by more than 10 percent in May, making…

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The Importance of Choosing Genuine OEM Parts in Commercial Fryers

When your fryer is on the fritz, you may be tempted to use less-expensive generic or OCM parts instead of genuine OEM parts. Although you might think they’re all the same, this guide explains why genuine OEM parts are the better choice because of their safety, reliability, efficiency and warranty protection. Even if the upfront…

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While aesthetics and functionality are always top of mind when considering a new serving line solution, it’s important that operators also consider the business angle of this decision. In this article, we’ll look at modular serving lines and custom serving lines through the lens of how each option could affect an operator’s bottom line now…

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The Future Of Virtual Restaurants In A Post-Pandemic World

For restaurant operators, 2022 will be a pivotal year filled with promise, challenges, and change. As coronavirus cases continue to decline, medical experts believe the pandemic phase of COVID-19 is nearing an end, and a full return to in-person dining cannot be far behind. But what does that translate into for virtual restaurants, which boomed…

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The Top 3 Gas Connector Dangers and How to Prevent Them

In the commercial foodservice industry, safety when installing or maintaining gas-operated equipment is vital. Gas connectors are an essential part of every commercial kitchen, and it is important to understand their function, as well as the codes and regulations that govern their installation, with safety as the foremost consideration. The danger of a gas leak stemming…

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Tips for Retrofitting Existing Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Systems

FAQs: Retrofitting Existing Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Systems The restaurant industry sees frequent innovation and adaptation making it a common occurrence for a new restaurant concept to launch from an existing commercial space. The commercial kitchen and ventilation system in this space needs to be properly assessed and adapted according to the new concept’s expectations, along…

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How to Choose a Cook and Hold Oven

Cook and hold ovens are known for their plug and play abilities; typically requiring only an electrical outlet, they’re easy to set up and use practically anywhere.

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How Sweet It Is: The Scoop on Soft Serve Machines

There’s nothing like smooth, creamy soft serve on a hot summer day.

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How to Attract and Retain Kitchen Staff During the Great Resignation

After two grueling years, COVID-19 restrictions on indoor dining are lifting and customers are hungry to eat out.  That’s great news for restaurant operators, but they’re now facing a different challenge. Customers are coming back, but employees are not, or at least not at the levels operators say they need to run their restaurants. What’s…


Smoker Smarts: Specifying Traditional, Dedicated Smokers

With its tender texture and smoky flavor, barbecue has been an American favorite for decades. But during the pandemic, some found an added benefit: It holds up well for takeout.

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