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The Limitless Possibilities of a Chicken Menu

One big reason chicken is so popular is that there are so many ways to prepare it. Whole roasted… 8-piece fried… wings, tenders, thighs… and that’s just the bird. Breadings, seasonings and cooking methods can easily alter the flavor and texture of chicken into a wide range of menu items. The hardest part may be deciding what you…

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Can the Right Parts Make Service Techs More Efficient?

Restaurant operators can choose which service agency they employ. They’re looking for service providers that respond quickly to calls and make the repairs as swiftly as possible, helping them eliminate downtime. That means your service agency needs to be Johnny-on-the-spot with repairs, so the more efficient your service technicians are, the better. Service agencies can…

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Powered Sinks Take Care of the Dirty Work

Powered sinks let employees focus on other tasks besides hand-scrubbing pots and pans.

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Conveyor Ovens Roll Forward

Leave it and retrieve it. That’s how one manufacturer describes the simplicity of cooking with a conveyor oven.

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The Anatomy of Blue Highway Pizza’s Pickup Area

Blue Highway Pizza’s customers may increasingly be choosing to take their orders to-go, but their loyalty isn’t going anywhere.

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Texas State University’s Newfangled Noodles

A university in the Lone Star State is in a class of its own among colleges—and, now that it has students back on campus, it expects that its investment will pay off in just under a year.

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1 Product, 4 Ways: Temperature Monitoring Devices

We highlight the latest temperature-monitoring devices from Comark, Kitchen Brains, Taylor and Cooper-Atkins.

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Choosing the Right Control System for Your Equipment

One of the most important pieces in foodservice equipment design is the control system. The controls contained within equipment not only provide the power and functionality, but also greatly influence the users experience, food quality and consistency, safety, and efficiency. All things considered, once the time comes for a manufacturer to select a control system…

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2022 Chicken Trends: 3 Tips to Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More!

Every year, I’m asked to look into my crystal ball and make predictions about the restaurant industry and menu trends. Most of the questions I’m asked relate to the most consumed animal protein in the world: chicken. In fact, it’s forecast that in 2022, Americans will consume more than 97 billion pounds of chicken. Well,…

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When Are OEM Parts Necessary for Repairs?

Go to any automotive parts store, and you’ll be presented with the option to purchase the OEM (name brand) or its equivalent. But the foodservice industry hasn’t been as quick to embrace OEM equivalents. One of the reasons is a lot of confusion around when it’s acceptable to use an OEM equivalent and when using…

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