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Energy Star-qualified, Champion’s UH230B undercounter high-temperature dishmachine features a built-in electric booster heater for 180˚F final rinse water. With a 90-sec. total cycle time, the unit has a capacity of 40 racks/hr. and a final rinse consumption of 0.78 gal./rack (23.4 gal./hr.). StemSure soft start protects glasses and dishes from chipping and breaking while Wash Refresh ensures a fresh-water rinse. The new Multi-Power feature allows for simple infield conversion to 208V-240V and/or single- to 3-phase operation. 


Electrolux’s WT30 undercounter dishmachine is now Energy Star-qualified. The unit features a built-in booster heater that raises incoming 110˚F water to 180˚F for the sanitizing final rinse. The dishmachine features 208V-240V, single- or 3-phase operation with 3 automatic 120-, 180- or 240-sec. cycles. At 0.89 gal./rack, the unit has a maximum capacity of 30 racks/hr. The Wash Safe Control LED supplies a green-light visual cue that all washed items have been sanitized. The wash pump’s soft start protects delicate items. A counterbalanced door is equipped with springs to lighten the impact of opening and closing. 


Hobart’s Advansys LXeR high-temperature undercounter dishmachine features Energy Recovery technology that recycles hot water vapor produced during the wash and rinse cycle to preheat cold inlet water, significantly reducing steam release when the door is opened and lowering overall energy consumption. Little steam makes it ideal for customer areas, such as bars. Choose from light-, medium and heavy-duty cycles; the latter has an NSF pot-and-pan rating. The dishmachine can handle up to 30 racks/hr. using 0.62 gal./rack. Based on an energy audit, the unit can save up to $485/year in reduced energy and HVAC costs based on 60 cycles/day. The unit was an NRA Kitchen Innovations award winner in 2013. 


With a capacity of 30 racks or 750 dishes/hr., Insinger’s automatic hot-water sanitizing RL-30 undercounter dishmachine features double-wall construction for quiet operation and thermal retention. Only requiring a 30-amp circuit, the dishmachine has a final rinse consumption of 0.79 gal./rack. The unit includes built in automatic chemical-dispensing pumps; the chemical containers are easy to remove and refill from the front. Seven bayonet-style wash arms with 42 fixed wash jets, 6 upper rinse nozzles and 8 lower revolving rinse jets as well as TempGuard final rinse temperature control ensure clean, sanitized ware. 


Energy Star-qualified, Jet-Tech’s 737E high-temperature undercounter advanced electronic dishmachine consumes 0.74 gal./rack with a capacity of 30 racks/hr. Stainless revolving arms feature upper and lower wash and rinse jets; the arms are easy to remove and clean without the need for tools. With a wash-tank capacity of 2.4 gal., the unit provides 120-, 180- or 240-sec. cycles. A thermostop system guarantees a 185˚F final rinse, and a soft-start cycle keeps delicate dishes and glassware safe. A slide-out integrated front control panel provides easy access for service.

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