Carpigiani/Ali Group

The Magica machine is a self-serve, pump-driven automatic machine that delivers portions from 2- to 6-oz. Unit comes with heat treatment available (for cleaning once every 14 days) and a hopper agitator (for stirring mix to prevent separation). The machine features “Teorema,” Carpigiani’s patented machine performance tracking and communication system that monitors not only the performance—such as product firmness, temperature, number of servings, alarm activity, cleaning updates, diagnostics checks and more (a total of 57 parameters)—but also allows operators to adjust controls/performance parameters via remote control anywhere there is a cell-phone signal.

Donper America 

Donper America’s BT7280 machine is the eco- and user-friendly choice for any existing foodservice business looking to add frozen desserts to their offerings. Built with a sleek design and small footprint (29¼-in.H x 21 1/8-in.W x 27 3/8-in.D), this machine has the capacity and strength of a traditional frozen-yogurt shop machine but offers the portability and mobility of a countertop machine. The BT7280 is perfect for convenience store, restaurant, catering and hospitality applications.  

ElectroFreeze/Ali Group

Model SL500 slim-line, soft-serve machine produces great-tasting gravity-fed frozen desserts: smooth and consistently creamy yogurt, ice cream or sorbet. The 22-in. width allows you to fit more units in a smaller space. The 2-flavor twist unit has one connection, which can be air- or water-cooled, and has self-closing spigots. Energy-conservation mode holds product well in off hours. Set it up in QSRs, retirement villages and hospital cafés. Check out the new SLX 400 medium-volume freezer to give your customers an even greater selection of flavors. 


SaniServ Soft Serve Freezers come in a variety of sizes to meet every operation’s needs. The Model 522 is ideal for yogurt shops demanding high quality and large capacity. The unit delivers 2 flavors of product plus a twist with rapid dispensing. Spring-loaded spigots automatically close to ensure shut off in self-serve applications. SaniServ machines deliver a smooth, creamy product. State-of-the-art, solid-state AccuFreeze Controls allow for worry-free operation and consistent product. SaniServ machines have the fewest parts, according to the company, for simple, easy cleaning and assembly.


Spaceman Soft Serve Machines are value priced with comparable quality to the leading brands. They are manufactured in China and certified UL, NSF and CS compliant. Spaceman has 12 models available including 1-, 2- and 3-flavor countertop models and 1- and 2-flavor floor models. Both traditional gravity-fed and pressure-fed versions are available. Water-cooled is an option. Newly designed technology combines high output with energy efficiency.

Stoelting/Vollrath Co. 

The sophisticated F231-AD1 machine with IntelliTec2 control monitors and reports estimated serve amounts, cleaning history, power consumption and more with built-in Wi-Fi capability. Ideal for self-service applications (2 flavors and a twist), the unit features ADA handles, self-closing spigots for eliminating waste and an adjustable dispense rate for optimal product output. The clear door shows visible product for merchandising appeal, and the unit’s sleek and compact design—along with reduced electrical and space requirements—make it an ideal choice for any location.

The Taylor Co./Carrier 

The Taylor Crown Series C723 Medium Capacity Twin Twist Soft Serve Freezer offers 2 separate flavors or an equal combination of both in a twist, all with a single power supply and in a small footprint (23 5/16-in.W x3 3 13/16-in.D x 36½-in.H). One-touch controls make operation super simple. Pour in liquid mix, and frozen yogurt is ready in a few minutes. An optional cart is available to make the unit compliant with the latest 2013 ADA regulations for dispensing height.


03 26 2024 EVERSTEEL (1200 x 800 px)

Setting New Industry Standards

In the fast-paced world of foodservice, prioritizing customer satisfaction is non-negotiable. That’s why choosing plumbing solutions made of high-quality material isn’t just a choice – it’s essential. While other options…

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