The PowerPan features an ultra-efficient forced-air gas power burner that allows you to switch from energy-efficient standard mode to a high-power setting for fast heat-up and recovery times. Splash-proof electronic temperature controls ensure accurate and consistent heating and worry-free cleaning. The front wall angles outward to help contents pour more easily. Bead-blasted cooking surfaces help prevent foods from sticking. Available in 30-gal. and 40-gal. capacities with manual or optional power tilt, the pan cooks at up to 10° tilt.


Electrolux Professional

Boil, braise, pressure cook and steam in one appliance. Thermaline range of products includes braising pans (16 to 26 gal.) and pressure braising pans (24 to 40 gal.). Designed as pressure cookers with locking lids, the latter can cook items up to 50% faster compared with similar units, saving time and energy. Cooking at 6 psi, the pans create superheated steam; cook up to 50 lb. of rice in 10-12 min. and dried beans in 40 min. Precise tilting allows you to control pour speed based on viscosity. New Touchline controls let you program specific cook cycles for your recipes and save them for kitchen staff; USB port enables recipe upload/download with a flashdrive.

Groen/Unified Brands

With the ability to steam, poach, braise, sear and stew, Groen Eclipse braising pans are one of the kitchen’s most versatile pieces of equipment. Now, Groen’s brand new 15-gal. unit provides that high production and full functionality in a reduced footprint. With a pan size of roughly 18-in.-by-28-in., it’s an option for even the smallest kitchen. The pan continues to cook at up to 7° tilt, and its 3-in. coved corners make cleaning easy. All Eclipse braising pans come with a 10‐yr. construction warranty on the pan body.


The Combi-Pan tilt skillet can braise, griddle, fry, boil, steam, roast and, with a minimum pan temp of 170°F, hold food. With a fully insulated pan body, the skillet maintains even heat at up to 10° tilt, cooks food safely at lower temperatures and allows the food to be heated—not the kitchen—increasing cooking and energy efficiency. Skillets come in gas, electric and direct-steam models in 10 sizes from 15.2 to 62.4 gal. Pan bottom is layered with copper for even heat conduction. Handles on either side of the lid to keep hands out of the steam zone.


LoLo Commercial Foodservice Equipment

Made of heavy stainless, LoLo gas-heated tilt skillets feature an open-leg design for easy cleaning. The 30- and 40-gal. models have a pouring lip centered on the pan body for precise pouring as well as a spring-assisted hinged cover with a centered solid-bar handle. The skillet has full 90° manual-crank pan tilt and water-resistant, right-side-mounted controls. Ten long burners ensure even pan heating with a 96K Btu/hr. firing rate. 


Market Forge

UniVerse Plus tilt skillets come in gas or electric, 30 gal. or 40 gal.(93K Btu-126K Btu), manual or power tilt, heavy-duty 10-ga. stainless. Pans tilt to 90° for easy cleaning, but the sloped pan front allows complete draining when tilted just 70°; burners shut off when pan tilts beyond 10°. Integrally welded burners or heating elements and a clad-plate cooking surface eliminate cold spots for consistent and even heat transfer. Unique pivot tilting design keeps unit center-balanced; add casters—it stays steady for maneuverability/cleaning around.



Southbend tilt skillets offer a 7-in-one cooking solution for operations of all types and sizes. The 125K Btu gas skillets (electric avail. too) can fry, griddle, braise, steam, roast, stew or warm foods of all kinds, and the 30- or 40-gal. capacities help you save energy with batch preparation. The stainless pans feature a front wall that angles outward to help contents pour more readily. Electronic ignition and precise temperature control ensure consistency. With a heavy-duty gear-drive manual tilt system, the skillets can cook at up to 5° tilt.

Vulcan/ITW FEG

With a temp range of 50°F to 425°F, Vulcan V Series braising pans braise, boil, simmer, griddle, pan fry, steam, thaw, poach, blanch, heat canned foods, sauté, act as a proof box or oven and store hot bakery products. The pans include embossed gallon marking and drop-down receiving-pan supports. Units are designed with vertical and horizontal coved corners for easy cleaning. A sloped front wall is shaped in a “v” to guide contents toward the formed lip for precise pouring. Unit can continue to cook at a 5° tilt. The 30- and 40-gal. models (90K Btu and 120K Btu) are UL and NSF rated.


03 26 2024 EVERSTEEL (1200 x 800 px)

Setting New Industry Standards

In the fast-paced world of foodservice, prioritizing customer satisfaction is non-negotiable. That’s why choosing plumbing solutions made of high-quality material isn’t just a choice – it’s essential. While other options…

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