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Who doesn’t want a little entertainment with their drink? Introduced at The NAFEM Show 2015, Beverage-Air’s Rapid Chill RC500 Glass Froster puts on a show while flash-freezing any type of glass almost instantly. A bartender simply pushes down on the froster head to dispense a powerful plume of food-grade liquid CO2 into a glass. A liquid-dip tube runs from the froster to a CO2 canister; you even can tap into the CO2 used for your soda lines. Neon LEDs, which run on 2 AA batteries, illuminate the glass for an added “wow” factor. “It’s really cool when the mist from the frost hits the lights,” says Kelli Rosen, Marketing Director for Ali Group North America’s Refrigeration Division. There isn’t an electrical connection, so you don’t have to worry about finding an outlet. The portable froster uses an adjustable clamp to secure to any bar or table. The cooling process lowers the glass temperature to 15°F-20°F but won’t alter the carbonation or taste of your drink like ice, and it takes considerably less time than a typical glass chiller to cool glassware. “Plus, if your closing staff forgot to stock the glass chiller, and staff comes in the next day and none of the glasses are frosted, the RC500 solves the problem,” Rosen says. The unit also can frost champagne or other bottles in 30 seconds or less, depending on how thick you want the frost layer.

CMA Dishmachines has a patent pending on its new Dishwasher/Glasswasher and Wine/Beer Bottle Washer all-in-one unit. Model 180UC is a powerful, standard single-rack dish and glassware washer, but you can remove the lower wash arms and install any one of a series of wine/beer/craft-beer (growler) bottle racks that are fitted with a special sprayer manifold on the bottom. The manifold directs sprayers precisely into each bottle opening for easy, automatic bottle cleaning and sanitizing. The unit is a high-temp sanitizing machine. Bottle racks accommodate 9 bottles with 6-in. diameters and 16 bottles with 4½-in. diameters. Maximum height clearance for all wares is 14½ in.
CMA Dishmachines/Ali Group

Henny Penny’s Evolution Elite open fryers feature Smart Touch Filtration, which allows you to filter any vat in a battery in 4 min. or less at the press of a button while you continue to cook in the rest. The Oil Guardian top-off component automatically replenishes frying oil from a standard oil jug whenever it’s needed. By filtering frequently and refilling oil automatically, the fryers cook the same amount of food with 40% less oil in the vat. An easy-to-maneuver single-well drain pan locks in place. Electric, gas and split-vat configurations are available.
Henny Penny

Carlisle’s new melamine dinnerware line includes Mingle, a colorful collection with a swirl decoration that is meant to draw a diner’s attention to the center of the plate. The dinnerware’s textured surface maintains its good looks longer and enhances the appearance of plated foods. Durable, heavy-weight melamine is safe for temperatures up to 212°F. The dinnerware is dishwasher safe and stain resistant and includes a 2-yr. warranty against chips and breakage. Available colors are straw, aqua, copper, smoke, ivy and fireball.
Carlisle FoodService Products

Metallic accents breathe new life into classic side dishes, providing a dramatic focal point for your table. The World Tableware Fry Presentation Basket from Libbey Foodservice is available in a new 5-in. square size to accommodate more menu possibilities, from sweet potato fries to spicy wings. Constructed using high-quality stainless with extra-rugged welds for added durability, the fryer-like basket includes a pedestal for added height and a handle for easy delivery to the table. Other available styles include a round bucket and rectangle basket.
Libbey Foodservice

Ovention’s conveyor oven is ideal for operations that require super-high output of star menu items. The unit cooks items in a fraction of the time it takes traditional conveyors and does it without microwaves. The conveyor comes in 2 sizes: The 20¼-in.H x 48 1/10-in.W x 36 1/5-in.D Conveyor 2000 has a 20-in. standard cooking cavity while the 20¼-in.H x 48 1/10-in.W x 43 1/5-in.D Conveyor 2600 has a 26-in., extra-large cooking cavity. Features include independent top and bottom blowers as well as optimized airflow improvements. The oven also has 3 catalytic converters to reduce grease emissions, making the need for a hood obsolete. With an intuitive 1-touch display for quick set-temperature adjustments and easy-to-clean jet plates, the oven is simple to operate and maintain.

The redesigned Flav-R-Savor Tall Humidified Holding Cabinets from Hatco hold a variety of hot food products at optimum serving temperatures. With thermostatically controlled heat and humidity, foods stay fresh longer, which reduces waste and allows for larger quantities to be held ahead of peak serving periods. The new electronic control panel with digital readout has a temperature range of 80°F-200°F to ensure uniform heating throughout the cabinet, while the improved humidification system allows for a wider range of settings, including precise proofing. The fully insulated doors, sidewalls, base and control panel assist in heat retention and quick recovery. The units have an all-stainless construction, providing the strength and support needed for daily kitchen use.
Hatco Corp.

Sammic’s SmartVide sous-vide cookers with stirrers feature a precise temperature-control system that obtains extremely consistent results; the cookers have a temperature range of 41°F-203°F and are exact to 0.1 degree. The portable cookers can be used in containers with up to 14½-gal. capacities. A color, 3 1/2-in. thin-film-transistor LCD display shows target and actual temperatures, core temperature and target and actual timers. A warning system signals when there is a lack of water, power outage or breakdown; the cookers also include a core-temperature alarm.
Sammic Corp.

Wipro EcoEnergy’s Wipro Energy Manager is a fully integrated energy-management solution that enables restaurants to monitor, control and, in turn, optimize their energy consumption on a near real-time basis. Establishing energy-usage control simplifies management of food-safety compliance, reduces equipment downtime and operating costs, increases useful life for equipment, optimizes utility procurement, etc. The Energy Manager provides increased energy efficiency, better energy asset management, increased accountability, reduced energy operating costs and extended customer comfort. Its management information system supplies standard and customized reports and dashboards.
Wipro EcoEnergy

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