PRODUCTS: January 2016

With more and more customers demanding locally-made, handcrafted products, Carpigiani/Ali Group’s MasterStick soft-serve freezer might be just the tool to add to your back-of-house. Used to create gelato on a stick, gelato cakes and milkshakes, the machine has a special program that only partially crystalizes gelato mix while adding high overrun (that’s the air whipped into the ice cream mixture). The semi-dense mix, called “crystal,” runs through the machine’s hose and out of the portioning pistol, easily filling large cake molds or small stick molds with ice cream infused with your own flavorings. After blast freezing, the mix completes its crystallization phase and becomes gelato. The gelato maintains its initial overrun, which ensures the right density so that customers can slice the house-made ice cream cakes while they’re still at 0°F. One Carpigiani client, The Pop Shop, Montgomery, Ohio, offers more than 40 flavor combinations of gelato pops, gourmet ice pops and alcoholic “boozy” ice cream pops. “The customers are the ‘Pop Artists,’ and they choose the flavor combinations,” says Owner Randy Key. He opened The Pop Shop using Carpigiani’s MasterStick and a Carpigiani Nordika 400 blast freezer. Also able to produce milkshakes, MasterStick has a Portions program that dispenses continuous cups of milkshake in exact portions.

Accurex’s Vari-Flow integrated kitchen ventilation system reduces energy costs by more precisely modulating exhaust and supply airflows to match the load needs of your cooking operation. A capture tank-mounted temperature sensor responds up to 5 times faster than duct-mounted sensors when sensing temperature changes. This sensor element, coupled with a fan-speed turndown of 50% and high efficiency Vari-Green motors, offers electrical, heating and cooling cost savings; Accurex estimates a ROI in 1-3 yr. An enhanced, intuitive programmable touchscreen interface supplies constant live/historical energy monitoring and trending. Easily integrate Vari-Flow into a wide selection of building air management systems.

Food Warming Equipment now offers ventless oven solutions. The manufacturer’s G2 series of low temperature cook and hold ovens has passed tests put forth by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA Method 202) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 96) to operate without the use of an exhaust hood overhead. By preventing grease laden vapors and smoke from escaping, the G2 series ovens supply cost and space savings along with a wide range of installation options. The series includes full-size, mid-size and undercounter models, all aimed at reducing food shrinkage and increasing food quality, taste and appearance. The insulated, stainless ovens range in size from 39-in.W x 27½-in.D x 71¼-in.H to 39-in.W x 27½-in.D x 33½-in.H.
FWE/Food Warming Equipment

San Jamar’s UltiGrips line of multipurpose oven mitts and hot pads hold up well in bustling kitchens and protect hands from temperatures ranging from -109°F-500°F for up to 15 sec. Features consist of a hanging loop for easy storage and immediate availability, extra heat protection between the thumb and forefinger area and extra durability. The dishwasher safe products resist chlorine, sanitizers and cleaners and repel stains and splatter for a long-lasting clean appearance. Choose from conventional- or puppet-style mitts and hot pads.
San Jamar

Perlick introduces customizable drop-in drainers to fit a wide range of spaces in service bars. Flush mount the boards into cut-out openings in bar tops. Models are available in 12-in. or 18-in.W and you can specify length in 6-in. increments, ranging from 24-48 in. Drop-in drainers prevent contamination from standing liquids; a laser-cut logo pattern in the boards provides draining capability. Drainboards create a sanitary storage area for clean glassware. Plus, they eliminate uneven surfaces so drinks are less likely to spill. The boards pop out for easy cleaning. Plumbing consists of an ½-in. inside-diameter brass drain tube with an ½-in. NPSM standard thread and machined end to accept an ½-in. flexible drain tube.

Customers will enjoy the rich patterns and earthy look of wood with this serving board line. You’ll appreciate how the boards are actually durable, washable, stain and oil-resistant melamine. The Melamine Naturals Collection boasts 5 different styles. The rustic wood and acacia serving boards come in 3 sizes: a 14-in.-diameter round board, a 215/8-in.-diameter round board and a 10¼-in.W x 25½-in.L oval-shaped board. All styles present round feet that lift the boards 1 in. off tables for convenient serving. The walnut, bamboo and elm melamine “wood” serving boards come in two styles—square (11¼-in.-sq. x 3/8-in.H) and rectangular (12½-in.W x 20 7/8-in.L 3/8-in.H).
American Metalcraft

Read the temperature display on the Thermapen Mk4 digital cooking thermometer without tilting your head. Hold the thermometer, boasting a measurement range of -58°F-572°F, in any direction and the patented display automatically rotates right side up for easy reading. Other improvements come in the form of a bright, intelligent backlight, which automatically activates in low-light conditions or by touching the sensor window; a motion-sensing sleep/wake mode; and increased water resistance and durability. The Mk4 measures about 2-in.W x ¾-in.D x 6-in.H, weighs .26 lb. and reads temperatures in under 4 sec.

Ideal for dispensing premium wines, beers and specialty drinks, the KeyKeg 10 Slimline small-volume keg holds 10 ltr. The 1-way, disposable keg weighs 1.8 lb. and measures 92/5-in. in diameter by 13-in.H. Features include bag-in-ball technology, a 2-compartment system that ensures the product is not exposed to propellant gases, and a patented double-wall technology, securing the keg’s integrity during transport and storage. The keg maintains beverage quality for weeks after tapping, according to the manufacturer. The Slimline family also includes 20-ltr. And 30-ltr. versions. Print your brand on the keg to increase your brand’s awareness.
Lightweight Containers

Prepare menu items fast and energy efficiently, and maintain a temperature-cool environment, with Equipex’s new line of induction cookers and warmers from Adventys. Product lines Bioline, Exclusive, Geoline and Buffet sport stainless casing, countertop or drop-in installation options, easy-to-clean touchscreen displays, and superior airflow and cooling fans designed for all-day use. Large induction coils accommodate stockpots. Choose high temperatures for cooking stir-fry or low temperatures for preparing chocolate. Other product highlights are automatic pan detection to control power supply and automatic overheat protection. Depending on the model, the ETL-listed products come 208/240V or 120V.

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