A New Era, A New Look

You’ve read that we bid a very fond farewell to our partners of 20 years, the Gill family, and welcomed our new partners Wolters-Althoff Investments, LLC, in January. We are now part of a family of independent companies, all newly acquired, who are all on the cusp of major product launches for the foodservice equipment industry. They include a suite of online and mobile foodservice equipment training and servicing software from Ignitor Labs and a comprehensive design and specification platform from Specifi. With this May issue, Foodservice Equipment Reports, too, is signaling change.

We’ve increased our size, adding to our width, and switched to a perfect-bind format to better accommodate a larger folio (more content!). We’ve adopted a very modern matte UV finish to set us apart from other trade publications in the field. Inside, we’ve streamlined the Contents pages to better guide you through the issue’s features and departments and we’ve changed some feature headings to ensure clarity. Focus is Equipment Comparison because that’s what we do—we name brands and arm you with the questions to ask and features to consider before you purchase a piece of equipment. 

Design is now Kitchen Design because we focus on equipment, not just interiors. But we haven’t changed our floorplans with their accompanying equipment lists, which always identify brands by name. App of the Month is Product Spotlight now and, as always, can be found in the regular Products department.

In our News department, we’ve introduced a Global News section, because your businesses continue to grow overseas and it’s imperative we keep you up to date with what’s happening internationally.

The list in Contents of editorial and design awards we’ve won since 1997 was starting to take up a lot of space, so we’ve created a one-page house ad to list them all. Our latest Neal Award Finalist honor is included here.

What has not, and will never, change is our commitment to bringing you the most thoroughly researched information on the foodservice equipment and supplies you specify for your operations and the most profound insights into the processes of our business that impact your success.

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