PRODUCTS: April 2017


While many baseball parks still offer traditional sodas and draft beers to thirsty fans, plenty of stadiums are expanding their drink menus into higher-end fare such as craft beers, cocktails and wine. Looking to keep tabs on tap pours for its wine-sipping patrons, the Washington Nationals operations installed the Sestra Systems connected wine-on-tap dispensers. According to Jonathan Stahl, V.P. Ballpark Operations & Guest Experience, the system solves a number of problems and prevents others. “We have a consistent pour for each glass of wine we serve, and we know exactly how many glasses we are pouring,” says Stahl. The convenient, user-friendly pushbutton dispensing console alerts operators through flashing LED lights when the line is operational as well as when a keg is running low and needs changing. The system’s cloud-based analytics records every pour, keg change and line cleaning to minimize server problems as well as to keep track of inventory for restocking and provide program insights. “One keg is 27 bottles,” says Stahl, so the kegs help eliminate transport and potential breakage of full bottles through a crowded stadium full of excited fans, as well as the disposal of cases of empties at the end of the night. From the keg, through the chilled lines, up until it pours into the glass, the wine is protected from oxidation and premature spoilage.
Sestra Systems

Designed to transport hot or cold bulk foods safely and easily, the Mightylite insulated pan carrier has 8 conveniently placed ergonomic handles to facilitate lifting, carrying and moving the boxes. It can hold hot foods hot and cold foods cold for up to 5 hr. The ML300 model holds up to 4 full-size pans, and the ML400 holds up to 6 pans.
Metro/Ali Group

The 2 new S-Series heavy-duty slicers offer the choice of Standard (S13A) and Advanced (SG13A) features. Both have an anodized-aluminum, 1-piece, open-base design; a 13-in. hardened steel-alloy blade; a large-capacity tilting carriage; ½-hp continuous-use motor; and a load of safety features. The Advanced model also includes an adjustable timer, Clear Text LCD graphic user interface and even more safety features. The Standard provides 2 cut lengths and 2 speeds, while the Advanced has 3 cut lengths and 4 speeds.
Globe Food Equipment

The Henny Penny integrated hood option for Space$aver and Space$aver Plus combi ovens provides low-cost, self-contained and effective venting that lets you operate your combi anywhere it’s needed. It uses a powerful 2-speed blower to recirculate air through 4 filter levels without the need for external connections. Operating noise level is less than 65 dB. Use the Chef’s Touch control to switch on/off and fan speed. Welded stainless construction ensures easy cleaning and long life.
Henny Penny

To keep the wash line moving, the 44-PRO high-temperature rack-conveyor dishmachine has the PROgressive Drive System to prevent jams and provide near-constant rack movement. The washer can handle more than 200 racks/hr. at a 100-gal./hr. water capacity. It features a single-piece hood design, single-piece stainless upper and lower wash arm manifolds, single-point electrical connection and built-in booster heater.
Champion Industries/Ali Group

Adande refrigerated drawers gently drop cooled air into storage areas when the drawers are closed, and keep it in even when they’re opened. Change temps in 1°F increments at the push of a button from 59°F to -7.6°F. Place the modular units under workstations in single or double-stacked configurations and top with a solid surface or heat shield. Removable insulated containers make cleaning quick and easy.

Hatco has added the Rapide Cuisine Heavy-Duty Countertop Induction Range for operators that need a unit to withstand demanding cooking environments. Along with its Magnetic Power System that delivers high power, the heavy-duty Rapide Cuisine features extra side impact protection, a scratch-hiding cooktop surface and a durable, patterned black ceramic glass top.
Hatco Corp.

The rechargeable, battery-operated Dump Commander is narrow and mobile enough to wheel into place to provide mechanical lifting of round commercial trashcan-sized containers into a larger dumpster. The chain-drive device quickly lifts up to 150-lb. trashcans up to 82-in.H at the push of a button, creating a safe, clean work environment and reducing injuries. The unit operates via a hand-held pendant control on an 8-ft. cord that can be removed to prevent unauthorized use.

Available in multiple models, ThermalRite’s Vacuum Sealers are reliable vacuum-sealing machines, capable of meeting most medium- to high-volume portion control, product storage and other foodservice needs. By providing a practical and economical way of storing food—in liquid, solid or cream form—these machines can extend the shelf life by up to 5 times longer than conventional cooling or freezing methods.

Offered in 28 different configurations, the FQG30U gas fryers have a 30-lb. open-pot vat design that uses less oil and energy, reducing waste (oil, labor, time) while maximizing benefits (profit margins, safety, sustainability). The SMART4U Technology comprises Oil Attendant automatic oil replenishing and FilterQuick programmable oil monitoring. Optional DataLink allows operators to access frying and filtering data and to transfer menus to the fryer wirelessly or through a USB.

The Gallery Fresh & Fast Cocktail Cart incorporates the TenderPOUR mixology system that consistently delivers high-quality cocktails and wine on tap. Up to 4 different cocktails are available on tap per system on refrigerated and non-refrigerated models. The 10-ft. carts have 2 consumable-ice wells, dual-speed rails, ample supplies storage and a completely contained mobile hand sink. Customer-created graphics including optional electronic displays and multiple awnings customize the cart.


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