New Podcast: Under Pressure


In episode two of Service Calls, Jay Sanderson, senior technician with Gary’s East Coast Service, explains how he solved the mystery of a malfunctioning thermostat on a countertop fryer. Next, John Schwindt, general manager and vice president of Hawkins Commercial Appliance Service and president of CFESA, talks about the importance of service tech training—from starting with a solid foundation to participating in ongoing courses. In Nuts & Bolts, service techs sound off about how to professionally handle stressed operators.


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Service Calls is a podcast for foodservice equipment service technicians—the techs on the truck—brought to you by Heritage Parts in partnership with Foodservice Equipment Reports. Listen as you drive between service calls to hear timely need-to-know updates about foodservice equipment, practical tips to help jobs go smoothly, real-life tales from techs in the field and more.


New Podcast: You Live and You Learn

Gary Schermann, of General Parts, walks through his company’s approach to technician training. Continuing education is “critical,” he says, especially now.

New Podcast: Halloween Edition – Answering a Call at a Haunted Kitchen

One Clark Service Group regional supervisor talks about the time he answered a service call at a Pennsylvania nursing home. To his surprise, employees pointed to a ghost as the...

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