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Gen Z Ready to Dine Out Again

Gen Z Ready to Dine Out

While no one knows when the Covid-19 pandemic will subside -- or how long its effects on restaurants will linger on the economy -- current trends indicate slight improvement for restaurant dining rooms. Market research group Datassential released a report that measured people's attitude regarding returning to restaurants.

  • 45% definitely avoid eating out (-2% since June 3 +25% since Mar 10)
  • 32% are nervous, but will still eat out (+2% since June 3 -7% since Mar 10)
  • 24% have no concerns whatsoever (+1% since June 3 -17% since Mar 10)

To look a little deeper, the percentage of people who say they are definitely avoiding eating out goes up with age:

  • Gen Z 28%
  • Millennial 39%
  • Gen X 46%
  • Boomer 55%

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