Equipex, Fisher Update Rep Coverage

Equipex gains support in MAFSI Region 20, while Fisher updates representation in MAFSI Regions 4 and 15.

FER Post Headers handshake

Two manufacturers—Equipex and Fisher Mfg.—announced new partnerships with various manufacturers’ rep firms this past week. Details include the following:

Equipex has appointed Curate, a division of Forward Solutions, as its sales and marketing rep in MAFSI Region 20, which includes Arizona; Colorado; El Paso, Texas; New Mexico; Utah and Wyoming. “We are proud to be partnering with Equipex to expand our reach in the mountain states with high-quality countertop cooking equipment,” says Curate President Katie Snow in a statement.

Fisher has partnered with Platinum Marketing Group and E-Source Miller. Platinum will cover MAFSI Region 4, which includes Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and Delaware. E-Source Miller will extend its services to cover MAFSI Region 15, encompassing Texas and Oklahoma. Both groups bring a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success in their respective regions, Fisher says in a release.

Earlier this month, RATIONAL USA, Pasmo America and Thermo-Kool announced updates to their rep coverage.



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