Top Troubleshooting Tips for Flat Top Grills

86 Repairs says not heating, no power and parts replacement are the top causes for requests for service.

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86 Repairs offers tips for troubleshooting the most common issues operators have with flat top grills. Courtesy of Canva.

Operators of breakfast concepts, burger joints, cheesesteak chains and everything in between rely on flat top grills to prepare foods with speed.

To help ensure they stay up and running, the restaurant repairs and maintenance management platform 86 Repairs put together a guide to restaurant flat top grills, which includes top issues that cause the equipment to go down and troubleshooting tips that could save operators from costly repair bills.

Not heating is the No. 1 cause of failure for flat top grills, says 86 Repairs. According to its annual State of Repairs report, the issue accounted for almost 25% of all service requests for grills and griddles, which 86 Repairs tracks together, in 2021.

If this is the issue, 86 Repairs says to verify that the pilot—found through the holes next to the burner knobs—is still lit by looking for a flame. If the flame is out, relight it. If the flame is lit, 86 Repairs says the burners likely need to be cleaned. Buildup can be removed with scouring pads.

No power also is a common issue for flat top grills. If your equipment isn’t powering on, 86 Repairs says to plug it into another outlet to see if it receives power. If it doesn’t, try toggling the breaker for the area where the equipment is plugged in. If toggling the breaker doesn’t work, 86 Repairs says to check for a tripped GFI. Press the “Test/Reset” button on the outlet to reset it.

Parts replacement also tops the list of top requests for service. Knobs are a common part that needs to be replaced, as they’re often lost, broken or damaged in busy kitchens. 86 Repairs says sourcing the knob and replacing it yourself should only cost around $20 to $30, much cheaper than the $50 to $70 the company estimates vendors charge.

For bigger parts that need to be replaced, check your warranty before calling a vendor as 86 Repairs says hot-side equipment typically has one- to two-year warranties for mechanical components, but certain internal components, like burners, might have less coverage.

The average invoice to repair a grill or griddle in 2021 was $710.25, according to 86 Repairs.



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